Autenti offers an innovative solution to make it easier for you to run your business

We know that you face a number of challenges every day, so we want to help you deal with all of them much quicker. Confronting the current market situation and based on the latest technology, we have developed a platform for approving documents and signing contracts online.

Autenti is used both by individuals and businesses. They are all satisfied with our platform being a quick, convenient, cost-effective and secure solution.



We have combined our expertise and experience to develop an electronic signature in its new dimension. The solutions used so far failed to meet our expectations. We tested different models in real business cases. In the end, still dissatisfied, we started to work on our own solution, bringing Autenti to life.
It is our passion to apply the latest technologies, effective and universal in their application, making our solutions affordable.

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  • Read legal opinions on Autenti

    We asked representatives of two leading Polish law firms on the possibility to conclude contracts on Autenti and their effectiveness under national and European law. As a result, we were provided with opinions from Kancelaria Prawna "Answer" Ostafi i Partnerzy and SWS Kancelaria Prawna Strykowski Wachowiak sp.k.

  • Server room chosen
    Data center chosen

    On 9 September 2014, we decided to place the Autenti infrastructure in the data center operated by 3S. As a result, our platform will be hosted in one of the most secure and modern places of this type in Poland. Autenti chose a solution often used by financial institutions, IT companies as well as logistics, e-commerce and media businesses.

  • [Translate to English:] Podpis elektroniczny w Polsce
    Electronic signature in Poland

    An electronic signature is a very useful, but still not very common tool. In Poland, it is used by slightly more than 270k persons now. This solution considerably streamlines administration and legal processes, being time-efficient for users. And how about its security? An advanced electronic signature was created to ensure top-of-the-line data protection standards, which requires the use of a...

  • Autenti
    Autenti launched

    Today marks the launch of Autenti – the first Polish platform for exchange and approval of documents online. The one-million-dollar project will let you rediscover the advantages of an electronic signature not used so far. The platform was founded by Grzegorz Wójcik, digital media and e-commerce manager, initiator of such portals as and, responsible for Allegro development in...

  • Consumer Rights Act - how can Autenti help you?

    On 25 December 2014, the new Consumer Rights Act will enter into force. As it is already well known, it will affect a number of e-commerce issues, including the confirmation of the contract. What does it mean in practice for the current and future Autenti users? Find it out below...


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