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Convenient and simple interface

both on a computer

and a mobile device. 

Quick and easy way to sign a document online. Recipients can approve documents with one click without the need to create an Autenti account, logging in or paying any fees. Senders can use a dedicated Autenti app (iOS, Android).

Quick login 

Create an account by entering your email or use a simplified login process (Google, Microsoft, Facebook). Sign documents online in your own name or on behalf of the organisation you represent – in such case you use a corporate profile assigned to your identity.

Additional verification of recipient’s identity

If you need to be sure that a document will be signed by a relevant person, use an opportunity to send a unique code by text message.

Autenti certificate – digital evidence of a declaration of intent, authenticated by a trusted third party

An Autenti certificate is a confirmation of an online signature. It is digital evidence for the meeting of the parties and their conclusion of an agreement on the platform being a trusted third party. It contains all the necessary details on the process and its parties, and confirms the integrity and authenticity of signed files. Autenti certificates have already been admitted as evidence in disputes and by courts.

Possibility to sign any electronic files

On Autenti you can sign any documents, no matter the file format. A text document, image or spreadsheet – just drag and drop them to the platform and send to the recipient. Files are combined and bound to the .pdf format, and displayed on the recipient’s device in a convenient form, regardless of the number of pages.

Possibility to design internal document workflow

We offer a possibility to create your own document workflow for signature. You can also use API to integrate Autenti with your ERP system. As a result, you will automate and accelerate processes, save lots of time and money, and make your clients or business partners more satisfied.

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Autenti as self-service or with API integration

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It is a convenient solution for small businesses and sole traders. You just log in to the web app and use it if you want to sign, send and verify documents from any place using any device with internet access.

API integration

It is a quick and automatic solution for medium-sized and large organisations. No matter which IT system you use in your company (ERP, CRM, HR or other), you can integrate it with API easily.

Replace the “Print” button in your app with “Send via Autenti”

Why is it worth using API?

  • We provide you with a ready-to-use source code in Java, PHP or Google Apps Script.
  • Our team offers support and assistance in the integration process, making available secure and quick REST API based on JSON and OAuth2 standards.
  • We provide you with a ready-to-use source code in Java, PHP or Google Apps Script.
  • API enables e.g. creating and addressing documents, attaching several files, and managing persons authorised to send them.

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Questions and answers on Autenti

How to send documents for signature on Autenti?

You can send documents for signature by entering an email together with the first and last name of the recipient. For companies, it is also required to enter the company name and VAT ID. After uploading files, just click on “Send”. You can monitor the document workflow and, if needed, sign or initial it yourself. You can also use comments and notes to consult the document contents with all the parties.

Can I use Autenti on mobile devices?

Yes, you can use it on tablets and smartphones. In addition, we provide dedicated apps for iOS and Android users. If you use Autenti on any other device, you do not have to register a new account or buy additional plans. Thanks to a dedicated Autenti app, it is even faster and more convenient now to sign contracts and documents online.

What is the difference between particular accounts for business on Autenti?

Particular accounts for business differ by parameters assigned to them, i.e. access to features and possibilities to use Autenti resources such as number of user accounts to be attributed to a company, Autenti disk space or option to use templates and API access. The most popular parameters are offered in the form of plans. We can also prepare a customised plan for you, if you wish. Each ready-to-use plan is offered for a fee specified in the applicable Autenti price list.

What kind of contracts and documents can be signed on Autenti?

On Autenti you can sign or initial contracts, resolutions, memorandums of understanding, reports, agreements, purchase orders, corrective invoices, NDAs and even minutes from corporate meetings. Check out a full list of contracts that are legally binding after signature on Autenti. Please remember that the validity of the contract depends on its contents and applicable provisions of law.