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Welcome to Autenti!

We have built a unique place, passionately making the world paperless

Looking for a challenge?
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  • Looking for a challenge?

  • Join the Autenti team

  • Interested in digital technologies?

  • Do you have the drive to change the world for the better?

  • Are you competent, passionate and experienced in the Internet market?

  • Want to work in a company with a future?

  • Are you focused on development and want to work with top specialists?


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What we do

We are building the European Trust Services Center,

based on - among other things - the electronic signature and e-identification services

and delivery of digital documents.


We have built the Autenti platform, created for the purpose of signing documents online.

We effectively convince entrepreneurs to switch their current business habits and to opt for broadly understood "paperless" solutions.



We began as a start-up in 2014. Back then, Autenti was a typical research and development project, supported and co-financed by the European Union. Our founders are enthusiasts, gifted with strong technological flair and extensive business experience.

The father and CEO of Autenti is Grzegorz Wójcik, past contributor to the successes of leading Polish Internet companies and multimedia projects - to name only RMF, Interia, Onet, TVN and Allegro!


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Since our market debut we have experienced significant growth. We are currently operating in two main centers - in Krakow, location of our technological facilities and the heart of Autenti and in Warsaw, base of the sales and marketing departments. Our team at this point consists of over 70 people and - thanks to the challenges still ahead - is constantly expanding.

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Software development

Autenti is mainly a technological company. Most of our team consists of IT specialists - programmers, product and project managers, analysts and testers. We operate at the interface between technology and law. We also employ lawyers, industry experts and a compliance officer.

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State-of-the-art technologies

We use understandable and simple language in communication with customers and users of our solutions - as simple, as it is simple to sign documents on our platform. We also have our own, inside language. We often understand each other without words. We use agile methodologies, developing micro-services in accordance with the principles of DDD. We care greatly for the quality of our code, apply event sourcing and CQRS, we never skip code review and enjoy programming in pairs. We specify functionalities through BDD and TDD. All this so that our customers have the highest possible SLA, and thus ROI.

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The power of professionalism

Autenti combines the energy of a start-up and the ambitions of a mature company. We are passionate, competent and possess extensive experience within the internet market. This allows us to create innovative projects. We work with passion for technology, building effective business models for our clients and partners.

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Cooperation is power

Meeting the needs of our customers, building products, legal or financial aspects of solutions, digital marketing or exchanging knowledge with the largest companies on the market are the challenges we take on every day. Working together, we learn new things every day. It provides us with constant, great satisfaction. Experience it for yourself! Before joining our team, visit the Autenti blog and read up on our cooperation with selected clients.

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Passion for business

Autenti is a workplace created by us. We build solutions that our clients and partners can rely on with 100% satisfaction. We also find time to play together, talk and meet outside working hours.

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The values that accompany us on the way to achieve our goal and fulfill our mission are trust, development and respect. Our greatest value is our team and its members. If our values are also your values, you will find your place at Autenti.

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Our customers mean everything to us

They are the fuel of our development. We prefer to call them Partners. Partner opinions are crucial for us in the development of our products, and their satisfaction and testimonials drive us to further activity. That is why the Autenti team comprises, among others, of marketing and PR experts, sales support specialists and customer support wizards. Together, we create solutions that fulfill the identified needs of our customers. And we are doing quite well, if we say so ourselves :)

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Join us!

View current career offers at Autenti

Our services include:

  • participation in a unique professional adventure in a rapidly growing company with international potential,

  • a company culture focusing on innovation, competitiveness and global leadership,

  • cooperation with the top specialists in the industry, focused on implementing innovative projects and willingly sharing their knowledge,

  • opportunity of continuous professional development in the world of the latest technologies and business models,

  • social package including private health care and sports card.

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See for yourself - Autenti is a unique place to work!

Want to know more? Choose the offer that suits you and contact us. 


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What our team members have to say about working at Autenti:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the recruitment process look like?

  • The recruitment stages depend on the type of position
  • After the initial application selection, we invite you for an interview
  • It's then that you get to meet team members and a representative of the HR department
  • Your job interview is based on a behavioral and competency interview
  • Each candidate receives feedback from us after our meeting

What do we offer?

  • Participation in a unique professional adventure in a rapidly growing company with international potential
  • A corporate culture focusing on innovation, competitiveness and global leadership
  • Cooperation with top specialists in the industry, implementing innovative projects and willingly sharing their knowledge
  • Opportunity of continuous professional development in the world of the latest technologies and business models
  • Social package including private health care and sports card

Are you looking for a challenge?
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  • Take part in a rewarding professional adventure that is focused on
    innovation and positioning itself as a market leader
  • Work alongside the industry’s best specialists who are implementing
    innovative projects and are more than happy to share their knowledge
  • This is an opportunity for continuous professional development in the
    world of cutting-edge technologies and business models