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10 advantages of a qualified signature

A qualified signature, just like any e-signature, has advantages and disadvantages. In many situations, however, the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. Check out the possibilities that using a qualified signature has and when this solution works.

Advantages of electronic signatures and additional benefits when using a qualified signature

A qualified electronic signature is a type of advanced e-signature that is based on a qualified certificate, which is submitted using a qualified device - special cryptographic keys. The most important differences between this solution and that of a standard e-signature can be found in the blog post on The electronic signature vs. the qualified electronic signature.

In this post, we are sharing the top 10 qualified electronic signature advantages. The first 4 are the benefits that each Autenti e-signature offers, and the following 6 are certain possibilities that you can utilize thanks to the qualified signature.

  1. Electronic signatures save time and resources

The e-signature’s main advantage is that time and resources can be saved, which are normally consumed by the circulation of paper documents, e.g. sending and returning them via the post office or delivering it in person. With the help of electronic signatures, you can sign and send documents for signature in just a few clicks.

  1. E-signature equals the convenience for concluding contracts and signing documents

In order to sign documents electronically, you do not need any additional devices – you simply need internet access and an account on the Autenti platform. You can also quickly and conveniently send documents for signature to other people who do not need to create an account on the platform in order to sign.

  1. You do not need to store paper thanks to electronic signatures

The electronic signature can not only save you the time and resources that document circulation demands, but you also do not have to worry about storing and preserving the paper documents. Autenti provides safe storage for documents and guarantees their future accessibility for authorized persons.

  1. The e-signature is secure and can be used as evidence in court

According to applicable law, an electronic signature cannot be denied legal effect or admissibility as evidence in court proceedings solely on the basis that the signature is in electronic form.

The Autenti e-signature is a secure solution because:

  • it ensures that the signers are appropriately verified;
  • it guarantees the integrity and authenticity of signed documents with the help of unique electronic seals;
  • provides indefinte access to unchanged documents in the future.
  1. A qualified electronic signature is the equivalent of a handwritten signature 

According to the existing law, a qualified signature has the same legal effect as a handwritten signature. In this respect, it gives you many more useful possibilities than a standard electronic signature. You can also sign documents and contracts when the law requires a written form, otherwise being null and void.

  1. You can sign almost any contract with it

Almost any document or contract can be signed with a qualified signature. There are a few exceptions, which include, among others, a will (it is necessary to draw up the entire will on your own) or a contract for the purchase of real estate (this requires a notarial deed).

  1. Qualified signature – suitable for employment contracts and contracts with the transfer of rights

The Autenti by InfoCert qualified signature is perfectly suitable for business contacts. This is a perfect solution for documents that cannot be signed with a standard electronic signature.

These include, among others:

  • contracts for specific work, commission or cooperation, which include the transfer of proprietary copyrights or the granting of an exclusive license
  • employment contracts and certain other employment documents
  • general power of attorney and a leasing contract
  1. A qualified signature means not needing to visit offices

Autenti also offers a solution that can be used in both business relations and in contact with public administration. If you would like to complete all formalities without visiting an office, choose the SimplySign qualified signature on the Autenti platform, as it is recognized by administrative bodies (ZUS, US, JPK, KRS and ESP).

  1. The Autenti qualified electronic signature is quick and easy to get

It is possible to get an Autenti by InfoCert qualified signature completely remotely. After paying for the service, your identity will be confirmed via online video verification and will take only 15 minutes. However, a SimplySign qualified signature requires a meeting with an Autenti consultant (remotely or in-person). During one short meeting, we will complete the application together, confirm your identity and activate a qualified electronic signature certificate, which you can use after 30 minutes has elapsed.

  1. A qualified signature is valid throughout the EU

In addition to a standard e-signature, a qualified signature issued in one Member State is recognized in all other European Union countries. This solution is therefore also applicable in the case of international relations.

Qualified e-signature – what’s worth remembering?

You already know the most important benefits a qualified electronic signature has to offer and can assess when it will be necessary for you to use. What else is worth noting on the subject of qualified electronic signatures?

First off, thorough identity verification is required, which makes it more expensive, but still more cost-effective than many competing solutions from other providers. The costs for using the Autenti platform are very appealing, and the 14 days Trial lets you to test the features of a paid account.

Regardless of the account you choose, issuing a qualified signature certificate is an additional payment and costs between PLN 200 and PLN 600 per year. The exact price depends on the type of signature (SimplySign is more expensive than Autenti by InfoCert), as well as on whether you buy a qualified signature for 1, 2 or 3 years (the longer the period of use, the more cost-effective the certificate is in the long run).

A qualified electronic signature certificate also has a set expiry date. If you still want to use this e-signature, you must remember to renew the certificate before its expiry, which involves the re-verification of your identity. Only a qualified signature with a valid certificate is legally binding.

Remember, if the signed document also requires a written form, otherwise null and void, not only you, but also the other party a part of the agreement should sign it. In other words, it also needs to be accompanied by a qualified electronic signature certificate for this purpose. If this solution is not needed,, you can also sign a document with a qualified signature and then send it for signature to another person who will sign with a standard e-signature on the Autenti platform.