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  • Autenti significantly expands its range of qualified signatures

    With the expansion of our list of qualified signature providers, our clients can now benefit from an even broader array of electronic signatures, which streamlines document circulation on a global scale. Minimizing the need for email exchanges of signed documents is particularly crucial in international processes.

  • Negotiating contracts – how do you establish cooperation well?

  • What is Paperless?

  • mObywatel at BROKER ID Autenti

Must watch

Watch and learn with Autenti. See how easy it is to use the potential of electronic signature and our platform in your business.

  • ikona odtwarzacza

    'Floppy disk' Commercial Spot Autenti

    1 min
  • ikona odtwarzacza

    We provide all of the three types of electronic signatures that are regulated by European law.

    2 min
  • ikona odtwarzacza

    'PRO Plan' Commercial Spot - Autenti 2023

    1 min

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  • Qualified signatures from Evrotrust, D-Trust sign-me and more now available on the Autenti Platform

  • Hobly becomes a new partner of Autenti

  • Euvic Services among Autenti partners

  • Nexpertis joins the group of Autenti partners

Case studies

Inspiring success stories of our clients. See how Autenti is transforming corporate digital reality and delivering real business benefits.

  • Europa Ubezpieczenia digitizes its processes with the Autenti Platform

  • Bank Millennium uses the Autenti platform to remotely sign contracts with employees

Autenti Academy


  • Qualified timestamp through the eyes of an expert

  • What is eIDAS?


  • Qualified timestamp through the eyes of an expert

  • Are documents signed with an electronic signature safe?

  • Signatures & seals, or how to see an electronic signature

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