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Qualified Electronic Signature

Sign documents effectively and securely with a qualified electronic signature equivalent to a handwritten signature, in accordance with eIDAS.

What is a qualified signature?

A qualified signature is a type of electronic signature with the same legal force as a handwritten signature. Its validity is certified through a qualified electronic signature certificate. This ensures the identity of the person signing the document, giving you confidence in the parties involved in the transaction.

In what situations would you use a qualified electronic signature?

  • HR
  • Real estate
  • Finances and Insurances
  • Civil agreements

Digital HR document management

  • Employment contract
  • Contract for specific work with transfer of copyright
  • A non-compete agreement
  • Power of attorney for an employee
  • Termination of employment contract
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A simple and convenient real estate handling process

  • Reservation agreement
  • Lease agreement for premises
  • Sales agency agreement
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Without unnecessary bureaucracy, remotely and at your fingertips

  • Insurance contract
  • Bank account agreement
  • Lease agreement
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Finalize all formalities without leaving home

  • Agency agreement
  • Guarantee
  • Settlement
  • Rent
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Leading providers of qualified signatures in Europe available on the Autenti platform

Not sure which qualified signature your contractor has? You don't have to worry about it. The Autenti platform allows you to sign a document with one of the 20+ most popular qualified signatures in the European Union. Choose your provider and sign the document on Autenti.

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Why us?

  • Qualified E-Signatures on Autenti Platform

    Sign documents using one of the integrated 20+ qualified e-signature providers. You can also obtain a new qualified e-signature certificate issued directly in the document signing process in less than 15 minutes.

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  • Sign, Download, Send

    On the Autenti platform, you can sign a document with a qualified signature, even outside of the signing process, using the Autenti Classic tool.

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  • Signature Visualization

    Place the e-signature visualization anywhere on the document. and on the Signature & Seals Card, attached as the last page.

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  • Place New Signatures on Already Signed Documents

    In Autenti, you can use a qualified signature for documents that have already been signed. Send these with ease to your partners and colleagues using our document workflow.

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  • Confirm the Authenticity of the Signature

    With Autenti’s e-signature validator, you can verify the authenticity of the qualified signature and ensure that the document has not been forged or altered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a qualified electronic signature look like?

At the end of each document signed on the Autenti platform, there is a Signature & Seals Card, which is a visual representation of all e-signatures and electronic seals. The signature visualization can also be placed on each page of the document.

How to verify a qualified signature?

Within the Autenti platform, you can use the E-signature Validator to verify the authenticity and validity of the submitted qualified signatures on a document.

How to sign a document outside of Autenti document workflow?

In Autenti, you can sign using qualified signature in two ways: as part of the document flow and outside of it.
Signing a document outside of document flow is very useful when your contractors have qualified signatures not supported by AUTENTI, or when you want to sign a document already signed by someone.
Then just log in to the Autenti and go to the Classic Sign section. Then upload the document you want to sign, log in to your qualified electronic signature certificate and place the signature.
The document signed in this way will not be save on the Autenti platform. A signature card is not added to it. You can download it and send it to other people to signature, for example in an e-mail.
Alternatively you can also place qualified signatures on a previously signed document using the document workflow.

Is Autenti a qualified signature supplier?

Autenti enables the purchase of certificates of qualified electronic signatures from various suppliers of qualified trust services.

On what devices can the video verification be carried out?

The video verification should take place on a computer with internet access, which has a webcam, as well as a speaker and a microphone.

Can I have several certificates assigned to the autenti account?

Yes. You can have several certificates that will be connected to your autenti account. When signing the document, you choose which certificate you want to use.

Do I need to obtain qualified electronic signature in person or can I authorize someone to do so?

In the process of obtaining a qualified electronic signature, you must take part in person.
The certificate of a qualified electronic signature is attributed to a specific natural person or organization, so you cannot authorize another person to this procedure. However, you can take it fully remotely.

Can I sign documents with a qualified signature through Autenti?

Yes. Autenti enables the purchase of selected qualified electronic signature certificates. On the platform, you will find over 20 of the most popular suppliers from Europe. And their number is constantly growing.

I don't have a qualified signature - can I buy it in Autenti?

Yes. Autenti enables the purchase of qualified electronic signature certificates. On the platform, you will find over 20 of the most popular suppliers from Europe. And their number is constantly growing.

How is identity verification conducted?

The identity verification procedures vary depending on the specific signature provider. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details concerning the chosen signature. Among the most commonly used verification methods are video verification with a document and confirmation using electronic banking.

Qualified signature tailored to your needs

Find out how you can best use a qualified signature in your business.