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Autenti e-signature

The Autenti e-signature makes it possible to submit declarations of consent in document form. This way, you can sign more than 90% of documents and contracts in business activities. This is an eSignature.

Easy to use, reliable and completely secure

Start signing documents in minutes!

You don't need to install anything or enter your credit card number to get started.

Verification of the signed document

You can verify the signed document at any time on the Autenti platform or outside it (e.g. in Adobe Acrobat Reader). The information obtained this way constitutes effective evidence.

An e-signature is more than a traditional signature

The electronic signature on the Autenti platform is accompanied by important additional information. It is visualised on the Signature Card, which includes signatories' details, IP numbers, roles of signatories and methods of identification.

Characteristics of the Autenti e-signature


Legally binding

You can be sure that the documents on which you submit your Autenti e-signature are legally binding throughout the EU, in accordance with the eIDAS regulation, GDPR policy.


Security is our highest priority. We use the latest encryption technologies and guarantee the highest security standards, similar to those used in banking institutions.

Sign immediately

Start signing documents in minutes! You don't need to install anything or enter your credit card number to get started.
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Availability on any device

Smartphone or tablet - it doesn't matter what device the signers use when signing documents using Autenti. Availability on any device with internet access.

Do you need advanced solutions?

Don't know your contractor or customer well? Use additional authorisation for the person with whom you are signing documents. Use one-time passcodes (OTPs) sent by SMS and increase the security of the documents you sign.

What will you use the Autenti e-signature for?

Autenti e-signature is tailored to different industries and sectors. See examples where you can use it.

  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • HR
  • Sales

Insurance - remotely and with immediate availability

  • Agency agreements
  • Power of attorney for insurance contracts
  • Receivables insurance
  • Broker agreements
  • General agreements (insurance guarantees) and much more
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Simple and convenient real estate services support

  • Sale/lease agency agreements
  • Information on changes in fees
  • Booking agreements
  • Notice for meeting apartment/flat owners and much more
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Digital handling of HR documents

  • Probationary employment contracts, substitute employment contracts, temporary employment contracts
  • Contracts of mandate
  • Contracts for specific work without transfer of copyright
  • Managerial contracts
  • Letters of intent, letters of reference and much more
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Sales - from anywhere in a matter of seconds

  • Sales contracts
  • Swap agreements
  • Delivery agreements
  • Leasing agreements
  • Invoice corrections and much more
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Join the pioneers of digitisation!

"I am sure that we will not return to the traditional form of signing documents because we feel a very big difference in the entire company. We do not print a paper version of the document, we do not send it back by post and we save a lot of time. At the same time, we do something very useful for the environment"

Małgorzata Kołodziejczyk

Head of the IT Financial and Administrative Systems Development Department, Rossmann

Start signing documents without leaving your home

Explore the possibilities Autenti offers for business. Check out the available plans and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Is the signature really free?

Yes, those who sign documents online do not pay for the service.

Does the person signing the document need to have an account?

No. The recipient of the document does not need to have an account on the platform to sign the document.

Are electronic signatures legal?

Yes, electronic signatures fully comply with the applicable European laws.

How to sign a document?

In order to sign a document:

1. Display the content of the document.
2. Mark the required consents.
3. Click "Sign".

In case of verification with email address and SMS code:

1. Access the document.
2. Mark the consents and click "Next".
3. Enter the SMS code.Click "Sign".
4. Sign the test document now, without creating an account.

Do I need a qualified electronic signature to effectively sign the document?

Whether you need to have a qualified electronic signature to sign a document depends on the type of contract and the signatures required by law or the content of the document. Most agreements, applications, contracts, reports or declarations do not require a qualified signature and you can sign these documents with an electronic signature available via the Autenti platform.

Do I have to install anything to sign documents?

No. Everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge of digital solutions, can sign a document with Autenti - without the need to install a special application or create an account.

Does the signature expire?

No. Once submitted, the e-signature is indefinite. You can confirm its authenticity at any time after signing the document.