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Digital handling of HR documents

Complete all formalities with the employee 100% remotely.

Employ, annex, electronically sign each document with your employee or associate.

With Autenti you can handle all processes connected with HR documents at your company in a fast, safe and fully digital manner. Employing a new employee? Or maybe an annex for  the agreement? It will be easy from now on! Within a few seconds, you can send the agreement for signing and your employee or associate will sign it online with only one click along with the use of a qualified electronic signature.

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Binding HR agreements within a few seconds

You can  sign an employment agreement or annex amending the employment conditions with your employee or associate 100% online. It is, completely safe and in accordance with the provisions of the law.

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Signature on any device

You can finalise an agreement within a few seconds by applying a convenient digital signature. Similarly, the document recipient can apply the e-signature from anywhere, using a computer or phone.

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Express delivery

Documents are immediately transferred to the employer and the customer for signing with one click. After the process is completed all persons taking part automatically receive a notification via e-mail that the document has been signed.

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Full safety

We store documents in encrypted form, without any possibility of interference. We record the entire evidence chain from the signing, thus protecting the interests of both parties in the transaction. We apply additional safeguards in the form of Single Sign-On (SSO).

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Digital archive of documents

Make use of a digital archive of HR documents. Store all agreements signed and have access to them at any time.

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Remote identification for the issue of a qualified certificate

We will use one of the certified methods of identity confirmation (Video_ID or employer ID method, verification of the identity through electronic banking), which will allow for the application of a qualified signature e.g. on the employment agreement of a prospective employee.

How does it work?

1. Sending a document on the platform

The agreement is sent through the Autenti platform.

2. Signing a document by the HR employee

The HR Department employee authorised to sign documents applies the Autenti electronic signature or qualified electronic signature on a document.

3.Delivery of a document to the recipient

The recipient of the agreement receives information about a document that they are to sign in their e-mail box.

4.Issue of an online qualified certificate

If a qualified electronic signature is necessary for signing the agreement, the recipient is redirected to the process of the issue of a one-time or short-term certificate. After ticking the relevant consents, they go through the entire process, fully online, which results in the issue of a one-time qualified certificate.

5.Applying a signature by the recipient

After becoming familiar with the content of the document and selecting the option of signing the document, the user applies the e-signature.

6.Receipt of the signed document

The signed document is sent to the user in the form of a secure link which opens to the document on the Autenti platform and as a password-protected attachment in the e-mail; the signed document is automatically sent to the sender.

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Documents handled within the process

  • First employment agreement
  • Subsequent employment agreement
  • Termination of the agreement on the employer’s initiative
  • Mutual agreement of the parties on the termination of the employment agreement
  • Equipment handover reports
  • Employee declarations
  • Non-competition agreement
  • Civil law agreements

Frequently asked questions

Does the recipient incur any fees for the service?

No, there are no costs on the part of the recipients. Your candidate also does not have to create an account on the platform or buy any additional services.

Can I verify electronic signatures outside of the platform?

Yes, the signature can be checked and verified in external tools and the Adobe Acrobat Reader programme.

On what devices can the recipient sign an agreement?

Autenti operates on different devices connected to the Internet. It can be a computer or a phone.

What does evidence from the HR process look like?

After the completed process of signing documents, the candidate receives on the Autenti platform a protected link to the signed document and a password-protected file with this agreement. The HR employee sending the document for signing has access to the signed document together with the entire history of the issue of opinions and the signature on the platform. The people managing the department have access to the agreements sent by the individual employees in a given HR unit. The Autenti platform allows the management of documents, reminders about the signature, supervision activities connected with the management of documents during leave and management of labels.

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