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Corporate solutions

Accelerate your business with the All-in-One platform

The CORPORATE plan helps teams close B2B, B2C and B2E deals faster, more efficiently and more conveniently.


Ecosystem of trust services

Autenti is an All-in-One Platform that builds an ecosystem of trust services. Choose and use multiple tools in one place to streamline your business workflow.

  1. Autenti platform for online signing

    Sign almost any contract online. Use all types of signatures: e-signature, advanced e-signature and qualified signature or use the one you already have.

  2. Qualified trust services

    Choose from qualified signatures from different providers. Use the 'Sign Connector' tool to use a signature you already have or to sign a document that was already signed electroncially.

  3. E-signature validator

    Check the authenticity of various types of electronic signatures and seals. Be sure that the document has not been forged or altered in an unauthorized manner.

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We are creating a European
e-signature standard for business

Benefit from numerous teamwork optimizations, the highest security standards, customized branding and priority technical support.

  • Teamwork
  • Company image
  • Technical assistance

Optimize teamwork, speed up your business

  • Enjoy a scalable solution for your entire business
  • Speed up and optimize the document signing process
  • Have access to all types of signatures: e-signature, advanced e-signature and qualified signature
  • Use a qualified signature for 3 users and 50 IDs under BROKER ID
  • Streamline teamwork and control the signing process
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Build a consistent corporate image with attention to detail.

  • Add your organization's logo on the Autenti platform so that recipients of documents can easily recognize them and sign them faster
  • Take care of the professional look of your communication
  • Use personalized materials on the Autenti platform
  • Send branded e-mail correspondence
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Your partner in the digitalization of your business.

  • Enjoy priority technical support
  • Have a dedicated mentor around the world of digitalisation - a personal E-Signing Success Manager
  • Contact us via the Autenti Hotline to fix any matter
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Corporate-class security level


Document security

Secure access to the document - only authorized individuals can see it.

Integrated identification services

Use integrated identification services.

Corporate domain

The Corporate Domain feature allows you to control the process of creating new corporate user accounts.

E-signature validator

Use the validator to check the authenticity of electronic signatures.

Secure signature

Guarantee the indisputability of your signatures with a qualified timestamp.

Access control

You can reserve your company's tax ID number and also use SSO login - you have control over who uses the platform and under what permissions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the CORPORATE Plan?

The CORPORATE plan is e-signature solutions for companies and teams. It allows you to conclude contracts online in B2B, B2C, B2E relations, sign unilateral statements, as well as use KYC processes. You can manage everything from one place, on the Autenti platform.

Who is the CORPORATE Plan for?

The CORPORATE plan is designed for larger companies and teams, across all industries.

Is it possible to modify the CORPORATE Plan to suit my business needs?

By choosing the CORPORATE Plan, you can take advantage of numerous solutions and tools available under the Plan. Adapt them with ease to meet all the needs of your business and your own processes.

How is the CORPORATE Plan different from the ENTERPRISE Plan?

The CORPORATE plan is designed for business and teamwork needs. The customer uses an all-in-one platform and selects from a range of available functions to create a solution tailored to their business. The ENTERPRISE plan is designed for corporations and supports dedicated processes and integrations. These are solutions tailored to individual needs.

How to order a CORPORATE Plan?

To order the CORPORATE Plan, make an appointment using the calendar.

Łukasz Zakrzewski

Corporate Sales Team Lead

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