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Version: 1.2 (OID: 1.2.616.1.113813. valid from December 1st 2020. This cookie policy applies to the Autenti Platform website which includes both websites and applications.


Particular expressions used in the Cookies Policy shall have the meaning granted to them or in the text of the Autenti Platform Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Administrator means Autenti sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Poznań, the operator of the website available under the name “Autenti” (hereinafter referred to as “Autenti”), which provides electronic services and stores and accesses information on the User’s devices.
  2. Cookies – means IT data, in particular text files, saved and stored on the User’s end devices (e.g. computer, laptop, smartphone). These files make it possible to recognize the User’s device and to properly adapt the website to the individual preferences and expectations of the User. Therefore, they make it possible to assess what the Users’ preferences are, and how the website can be improved for the User. They usually contain the name of the website they come from, their duration, i.e. storage on the end device, and a unique number to identify the browser used to connect to the website. Cookies are not used for identification of the User but on their basis in connection with some data contained in our basis, the identity of the User may be established.
  3. External Cookies – means Cookies posted by entities other than the Administrator, including Trust Entities, through their websites. Individual entities are the operators of the cookies initiated by them and the Administrator may not have any influence on them, shall be responsible for their selection and the policy applied.
  4. Device – means any electronic device through which the User accesses Autenti Platform.
  5. User – means any person who uses the Autenti website.

Types of the Cookies used

  1. Administrator uses Cookies to:
    1. displaying advertisements – Cookies enable the display of promotional messages and advertisements that are more interesting for Users and, at the same time, more valuable for advertisers, personalize the marketing message. They can also be used to display advertisements outside the Internet websites of the Administrator. Displaying advertisements results from the settings of the User’s web browser and may be changed by the User at any time;
    2. conducting an audience audit and statistical purpose – Cookies allow the Administrator to better understand the preferences of the Users, and at the same time to improve and develop the service. The Administrator collects anonymous information and processes data on trends without identifying the personal data of individual Users;
    3. determining the User's location – Cookies make it possible to adjust the displayed information and the functioning of Autenti Platform to the User's location;
    4. authentication and maintenance of the session state – Cookies enable inform when the User is logged in, so that Administrator can show relevant information and functions, they also enable the maintenance of the Autenti Platform session status after logging in, thanks to which the User does not have to re-enter the login and password on each Autenti Platform website, and also save information about it how the Users use Autenti Platform. Authentication and maintenance of the session state enables, among other things, easy logging in, automatic form completion, or remembering the settings of websites made by the User, which improves the services and increases the comfort of using Administrator websites;
    5. Autenti Platform configuration – Cookies make it possible to set functions and services in Autenti Platform, including in particular optimizing the use of websites and the functionality of the Administrator’s application as well as adapting the content of websites and the functionality of the Administrator application to the preferences and expectations of the User by remembering the settings selected by the User;
    6. ensuring the safety and reliability of Autenti Platform – Cookies enable verification of the authenticity of the connection and optimization of Autenti Platform's performance;
  2. As a rule, the following types of Cookies are used:a) Permanent Cookies – the files which remain on the end device of the User for the period of time specified in the parameters of the „cookies” files or until they are removed by the User manually;b) Session cookies – temporary files, remaining on the User's end device, until logging out of the
    website of the Administrator or turning off the software (web browser); 
  3. The Administrator uses External Cookies for the purposes of:
    1. presenting opinions and contents on the Administrator’s websites, 
      that are downloaded from the external website,automated logging in or registration to Autenti Platform using the indicated external service (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Facebook),
    2. collecting general and anonymous static data via analytical tools,
    3. presenting multimedia contents on the websites of the Administrator, which are taken from an external website,
    4. using interactive functions to facilitate communication or popularize Autenti Platform using tool and social networking sites
    5. presenting opinions and contents on the Administrator’s websites,  that are downloaded from the external website,
  4. The Administrator uses third party analytical software (e.g. Google Marketing Platform, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, Gartner Digital Markets) that place data on the User's end device that enable the collection of information about UsersIn addition to Cookies, the Administrator may also use other technologies and technical solutions that allow access to information stored on the end device, the operation of which is beneficial for the functioning of Autenti Platform.
  5. The Administrator uses third party analytical software (e.g. Google Marketing Platform, Facebook Pixel, Weblow) that place data on the User's end device that enable the collection of information about Users.

Browser settings versus Cookies files

  1. In principle, the software used for browsing websites allows cookies to be placed on the end device by default. The settings may be changed so that your browser can block automatic management of Cookies in the settings of the Internet browser or notify you each time the cookies are sent to the User’s device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling Cookies is available in the software (web browser) settings
    . Disabling the option to save cookies in the web browser does not basically prevent the use Administrator’s websites, however it may cause difficulties and reduce the comfort of using websites,
    while in order to use the Autenti Platform application it is necessary to accept session cookies, which are necessary for authentication and maintain session state.
  2. Autenti Platform User who uses a given end device together with other people should remember to log out after each use of Autenti Platform.
  3. The user may at any time delete Cookie files from their device using the available functions in their browser.