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Electronic document flow - create your own business processes

  • Automate the process of sending documents

  • Personalize communication

  • Send documents even faster



What is business process automation?

Do you send many similar contracts, applications or statements online? Would you like to personalize communication and improve document flow within the company?

Discover the BPA (Business Process Automation) service, thanks to this you can define business processes and it becomes even easier to send documents for signature!

No need for API integration. All you need is a business account on the Autenti platform.

automatyzacja procesów biznesowych

Electronic contract workflow - get to know the benefits

The automation of business processes has a number of unique advantages.


You can send documents for an online signature even more effortlessly in a few simple steps.

Łatwa konfiguracja
Easy configuration

We begin the process quickly, and once configured it works continuously.

Save time

Thanks to the automation process, you save more time for what is important to you.


You do not need to have a system to integrate with Autenti, all you need is a company account on the platform.


Personalized content for each process and for exactly what you need.

Weryfikacja prawników
Lawyer Verification

The content's correctness during the process will be verified by our employees.

Processes customized for your business

Simply tell us what business processes you need. Create as many as you would like and we will configure them for you. Here are a few examples:

  • Contract of employment

  • Invoice

  • B2B contract

  • Credit agreement

  • Leasing

  • Employee confidentiality agreement

Procesy skrojone na miarę Twojego biznesu

Trust in the personalization of business processes

Create individual messages - SMS for authorization, e-mails before and after signing a document, consents and statements. Autenti lawyers can verify their validity for you.

What types of information will you define?

  • Process name
  • Document title
  • Document expiry time (process)
  • Content for consents and statements
  • SMS text for authorization
  • Content of the e-mail before signing a document
  • Content of the e-mail after signing a document

How does it work?

select process
adding document and data
process start

Frequently asked questions

I want to send documents using my own process. What do I have to do?

It's easy! Contact us via the contact form that can be found on this page. Our consultant will send you a short form where you can define all the necessary information to configure the process that will provide efficient document flow in the company. A few days after completing the form, an additional option will appear on your company account, and from then on you will be able to send documents with your dedicated process. Our experts are at your disposal for every stage of the implementation - they will be more than happy to help you automate business processes in your company. Trust in contract automation and efficient document workflow in your company!

Can I set a time after which the document will no longer be able to be signed by my client?

Of course! This feature facilitates the processing of documents and further streamlines contract workflow in the company. When defining your process, you can also specify the time after which the document will expire and will no longer be possible to sign. You define the time using days and hours.

Create your own document signing processes

  • Create dedicated processes
  • Personalize communication
  • Send documents with even more ease
  • Improve document workflow