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Leasing without paper

Simple and convenient leasing process, without unnecessary red tape.

Lease agreements authorised by a qualified electronic signature

With Autenti, you can completely digitise the process of signing lease agreements. Eliminate the physical exchange of documents between the dealer, the customer and the financing party. Sign agreements faster than ever before, with the same confidence.

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In accordance with the regulations

Autenti allows signing a legally binding lease agreement with the use of a qualified electronic signature handled on the Autenti platform. We can also issue a one-time qualified electronic signature within a few seconds if the customer does not have one.

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High availability

The customer signs the lease agreement on any device with access to the Internet wherever they are, at any time.

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Comprehensive service

The process is fully comprehensive. We make it possible for regulated entities to have a certificate issued within a few seconds using the AML certified method, which does not engage the customer in the process of the identity confirmation. For our other customers, we issue the qualified certificate entirely remotely through video identification.

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Safe transaction

We store documents in encrypted form, without any risk of interference with their content. The whole process of signing an agreement is compliant with the GDPR and protects all parties of the transaction. The evidence of signing is integrated into the document.

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Flexibility of the process

You can integrate the service with your CRM system or website. We adjust and personalize the process to your business needs and purposes.

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Effective identity confirmation

The identification of the customer can take place through a remote procedure of identity confirmation (video verification) or on the basis of AML procedures.

How does it work?

1. Sending document for signing

The financing entity generates a PDF document and sends it for signing through an API, directly from the CRM system.

2. Reviewing document content

The customer opens the document and reads its content.

3. Issue of a qualified certificate on the basis of a selected method

Then, the customer goes to the video verification process in order to have a qualified electronic signature issued necessary for signing the agreement. In the case of issuing the certificate on the basis of the AML method, the process takes a few seconds.

4. Applying a signature

After the certificate is issued, the customer applies the qualified electronic signature on the agreement, similarly to the financing entity. We handle multi-signature both on the part of the sender and on the part of the customer in the case of companies with joint representation.

5. Receipt of the signed document

The signed document is transferred automatically to all parties of the agreement.

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Documents handled within the process

Between the supplier and the user
  • Identification of the user by the supplier
  • GDPR Consents – confirmation of the data compliance
  • Order agreement
Between the supplier and the financing entity
  • Purchase agreement
  • Declaration on the VIN assignment
  • Handover report
Between the financing entity and the user
  • Identification of the user by the financing entity
  • Lease request
  • Spouse's consent to the execution of the lease agreement
  • Power of the attorney to enter into the lease agreement
  • Acceptance report
  • Lease agreement

Customer Story

LeasePlan, the leader of the long-term car lease sector, introduces the remote execution of agreements

We also work with

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, Arval Service Lease Polska, GrenkeLeasing i LeasePlan Fleet Management

"The service I use allows us to sign agreements remotely, which has simplified and sped up the whole process of document flow in our company. Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly method due to the lack of paper and a significant amount of traditional correspondence. Our customers easily accepted this solution; they even welcomed it with great satisfaction."
Piotr Staniewski, Commercial Director SME w LeasePlan

Frequently asked questions

Does my customer incur any fees for the service or have to install any software?

No, there are no costs on the part of your customers. The customer does not have to create an account on the platform or buy any additional services.

Can I verify electronic signatures outside of the platform?

Yes, the signature can be checked and verified in external tools and in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

On what devices can the customer sign an agreement?

Autenti works on any device connected to the Internet. It can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

What is necessary to carry out the whole process?

  1. Obtaining the customer’s data online or at the branch.
  2. Automated verification of the identity or identification by the lessor.
  3. Signing the request.
  4. Signing the agreement.
  5. Signing other documents required within the process.

What does evidence from the leasing process look like?

After each completed process, we deliver all documents used in the process through an API to both parties.

Does the customer pay for the issue of a qualified electronic signature?

No, the customer does not incur any additional costs. The issue of the qualified certificate is included in the lease price.

If the customer has a long-term qualified electronic signature, can they use it to sign the lease agreement?

Yes - so long as, it is a qualified electronic signature handled by the Autenti platform, InforCert, SimplySign or mSzafir.

What are the methods of issuing of a qualified certificate?

We can issue a qualified certificate with the use of a video verification, AML procedure or verification of the identity through logging into electronic banking.

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