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Insurance – quickly and remotely

Handle remote requests, agreements and customer need surveys – with the same level of confidence that you would at the branch.

Insurance – quickly, easily, and securely

Eliminate paper documents and handwritten signatures when concluding insurance applications and agreements. Deliver terms and conditions and annexes to the Customers by means of a durable medium. With Autenti, you will simplify the whole process – everything will take place automatically and fully online.

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New quality of insurance process handling

In the process, we use an electronic signature authorised by a one-time PIN (OTP) code delivered via SMS. Without the installation of software – everything takes place remotely, conveniently and without any additional costs to your customers.

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Signature on a computer, tablet or phone

Your customer will sign the request or insurance agreement on any device with access to the Internet: phone, tablet, computer or on the adviser’s screen at the branch.

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In accordance with the requirements of your company

We build our solutions on the basis of detailed analyses and requirements of insurance processes. We will help you to automate the insurance handling process and to integrate it with your company's system through an API.

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Automatically and securely

We store all documents in encrypted form. The content of the agreement cannot be changed at any point in the process or signed by an unauthorised person. During the electronic execution of agreements, we collect evidence from the process, which we transfer to you through an API which is an additional protection for the transaction.

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Verification of the customer’s identity (KYC)

You do not have to meet the customer personally to confirm their identity. With Autenti, you can choose from many prepared identification methods integrated by Autenti within the BROKER ID service.

How does it work?

1. Completion of data by the customer

The customer enters the personal data necessary to sign the agreement.

2. Confirmation of the customer’s identity

The system verifies the customer’s identity through the available methods, including video verification.

3. Automatic generation of the agreement

The system generates the insurance agreement and transfers it through an API to the Autenti platform.

4. Becoming familiar with the agreement

After the successful verification of the identity, the customer is redirected to Autenti, where they can see and sign the document.

5. Applying a signature and affixing an electronic stamp

The customer signs the agreement with the Autenti electronic signature – authorising the transaction with a one-time PIN (OTP) code that they receive via SMS. Autenti automatically affixes the electronic stamp verified with the Insurance Institution’s qualified certificate in order to ensure the authenticity of the agreement origin and its integrity.

6.Receipt of the signed document

The signed document, protected by a password, in the form of a durable medium, is transferred to the customer via e-mail. It is simultaneously transferred to your company through an API, where it can be further processed in the system.

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Documents handled within the process

  • Policies and insurance
  • Insurance declarations
  • Request for the execution of the insurance agreement
  • Customer need surveys (the history of the vehicle, incidents, customer’s data)

Customer Story

Vienna Life uses the Autenti platform to sign insurance agreements

We also work for

BNP Paribas Cardif

"It is another innovation in Vienna Life, addressing the needs of our customers who expect modern and safe ways to use the insurance offered by our company. These operations also fit into the VIG Group’s ‘paperless’ philosophy, which consists in replacing paper documents with electronic ones."
Jarosław Krasowski, Sales Director Vienna Life.

Frequently asked questions

Does my customer incur any fees for the service or have to install any software?

No, there are no costs on the part of your customers. The customer does not have to create an account on the platform or buy any additional services.

Can I verify electronic signatures outside of the platform?

Yes, the signature can be checked and verified in external tools and in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

On what devices can the customer sign an instruction?

Autenti works on any device connected to the Internet. It can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

How is the customer’s identity verified when signing the agreement?

At Autenti, we offer many identity verification methods from trusted Polish and European suppliers.

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