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Autenti. Get to know our history

Autenti is a unique combination of electronic signatures, innovative technologies and legal environments.


Group 985

Mission. Dedication. Cooperation.

Autenti's dynamic development is the result of multi-dimensional cooperation. Our initiative is supported by customers, partners and organisations promoting entrepreneurs. Thank you for the honourable mentions that were granted to Autenti. With this recognition we jointly popularise digital solutions for the “paperless business”.

Group 983
Winner of BNP Paribas International Hackathon 2016
Group 982
Winner of InfoShare
Winner of Startupy w Pałacu
Winner of Wolves Summit
Winner of eCommerce Polska Awards

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Google Class Residency #1

Autenti was one of the 10 companies selected to participate in the first edition of the Google for Startups acceleration programme. Campus Residency is a 6-month growth programme for global-minded startups, offering personalised support and unique access to Google resources and experts. The residence, which we used at the beginning of our commercial adventure in Poland, gave us the opportunity to cooperate with the Google team, who helped us solve the challenges related to the platform's development, take care of increasing revenues, build a good team and prepare to raise further funds.

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Autenti is a proud member of the international Google community

Autenti is part of the Google for Startups ecosystem that helps develop innovative projects anywhere in the world. Its participants know how much energy is needed, starting from the  concept to seeing its first effects, which is why the Google Startup was created. The successes of company founders also inspired a line of coffee that is helping to embolden action wherever anyone is  working on their  startup. On these coffee packets, you  can find  and admire  images of the founders of dynamically developing companies. The CEO of Autenti, Grzegorz Wójcik is among them.

Google StartCup-Autenti-back

What is an electronic signature and how does it work?

Autenti’s CEO and CMO - Grzegorz Wójcik and Tomasz Plata - took part in Roman Młodkowski’s „Biznesmania” project, where  the journalist introduced the founders of the most interesting technology companies. Autenti founders presented their platform for the signing of electronic documents.

MFLY2760 (1) (1)-1

Banks believed in the Autenti standard

In December 2019, PKO BP, Alior Bank and BNP Paribas Bank invested in our company and thus supported the development of the Autenti platform and the process of creating the European electronic signature standard for signing documents online. The trust that the banks placed in us was a significant boost for our team and confirmation of our initial direction of development. There was also another round of Autenti’s investment (Round A). These VC funds also participated: Innovation Nest and Black Pearls, who  became shareholders of Autenti 2 years earlier at an early stage, in the so-called „Round Seed”.


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E-delivery project

Autenti is implementing a project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Programme. The project that is being implemented is part of a competition organised by the National Centre for Research and Development.

MFLY1951 (1)

We support schools

In the face of the pandemic, Autenti supported the G Suite solution and entered at the moment when it was necessary to collect the consent of pupils and students’ parents. The e-signature platform allowed them to sign  documents 100% remotely, which helped save time and additionally, no one had to leave their home. 

MFLY1924 (1)

Autenti wants to conquer the world!

We want to exist on a global scale, and our first steps in the international arena are directed, among others, towards the East. In 2018, we participated in the Singapore Fintech Festival and since then we have been working on building good business relations within this region. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!



Awards and recogintions



Cashless - Fintech

Autenti won the „Fintech of the Year 2020” title, which was awarded by the prestigious website. We were unable to attend the awards in person as the event was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, everyone’s  emotions were on edge until the results were announced! In the end, we were very pleased with the awards that were granted by business practitioners and market experts.


Autenti with the Partner of the Year title

Autenti won the „Partner of the Year'' award in the Electronic Economy Congress competition organised by the Polish Banks Association! The award was accepted virtually by the CEO of Autenti, Grzegorz Wójcik. The jury appreciated our cooperation with BNP Paribas Bank. The award ceremony was online.


The Golden Banker

Together with BNP Paribas Bank Polska we received recognition in the Golden Banker 2019, ranking in the „Fin-Tech Innovation” category! The award, together with the President of BNP Paribas Przemek Gdański, was collected by our CEO - Grzegorz Wójcik.


Aulery 2019

Aulery is the oldest and most prestigious competition for Polish startups and technology companies, which highlights  and promotes the best companies with global potential. The prizes are awarded by a jury of practitioners and industry investors. Autenti was among the lucky winners.


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PwC Startup Collider

After four months of searching, 13 fintech companies qualified for the first edition of the PwC Startup Collider Programme. PwC offered a place to work for these startups, highly qualified mentor help, and a shorter market entry route. Autenti was among them!


Wolves Summit

Autenti won the „The Great Pitch Competition”. Nearly 300 companies  presented their ventures and projects in 2016 during the 4th edition of the international conference for startups, investors and corporations. We came in  first place, where we received the „Wolves Summit” statuette and a check for 100,000 USD. In our founders’ opinion, it was one of the key moments in the history of Autenti. Several minutes later, after the Wolves Summit ended , the founders met in a quiet place in one of the restaurants in Warsaw, where they made decisions that are key to our business practices today.

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