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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Autenti for?

The Autenti platform offers services connected with signing documents online. Through its application you can sign electronically all documents in relationships with your customers, contractors or associates. The platform is most frequently used by companies as its application effects material activities for conducting business.

Is Autenti an international company?

Yes. Autenti currently operates on 5 markets – Polish, German, Czech, Slovak and Spanish.

In which languages can documents be signed on the Autenti platform?

Documents can be signed on the Autenti platform in 11 languages – Polish, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian and Russian.

What devices can I use Autenti on?

You can use Autenti on both stationary and mobile devices (on any operational system you choose).

What are the technical requirements to use Autenti?

Minimal. You need to have access to the Internet and an updated browser (for stability reasons, we recommend you Chrome).

What types of accounts are offered on Autenti?Summary

You can create a company account on the platform if you would like to use Autenti for business purposes or a personal account if you wish to use the platform for personal matters only.