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10 ways you can use Autenti platform for private purposes

The Autenti electronic signature can be used not only by companies but also by private individuals. The scope of e-signature usage is very wide and significantly simplifies everyday life. Below you will find 10 examples of documents that you can send and sign using the Autenti electronic signature for private purposes. Please remember that the following article does not constitute a legal advice in any way, nor does it refer to the individual situation of the reader. If you want to sign a document via Autenti, make sure that you do not need to keep the appropriate form of concluding a legal transaction and find out what elements should be included in the body of the document.

Contract for the purchase and sale of a vehicle

Contract for the provision of services (order)

Loan agreement

Co-ownership agreement

Complaint of goods or services

Withdrawal from the contract with the entrepreneur

Authorization to pick up a child from school or kindergarten

Excuse notes written by parents to teachers

Consent to the child's participation in a school trip

Vacation request

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Contract for the purchase and sale of a vehicle


It is a contract often concluded between private individuals. It may apply to a car, motorcycle or other motor vehicles. Although the purchase contract does not require a special form, it is very often created on paper and signed by the seller and the buyer by hand. In fact, this is unnecessary. The contract signed using Autenti is just as legally binding as the contract concluded in writing, and it does not require the useage of even a single sheet of paper.

It is also very important to own a contract confirming the purchase/sale of a vehicle in the form of a document. It can be used later to inform the Insurer and the Department of Transport and Communications about the sale of the vehicle. To do this, simply attach a contract signed by Autenti to the notification sent to the Department (via the ePUAP platform in Poland) and to the Insurer. Thanks to this solution you do not have to print, scan, copy contracts, or visit any department.

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Contract for the provision of services (casual work contract)


This is a very broad category within which you can order and settle many types of services provided between the parties. It can be concluded between private individuals, but also between a private individual and an entrepreneur. The Civil Code does not specify what is the contract for the provision of services, hence it is based on guidelines for casual work contract . It may involve cleaning, repairing, garden care, learning to play the guitar, etc. Although the category is very broad and basically unlimited, it is worth checking whether a particular type of contract requires a special form (eg presence of a written form under pain of being declared null and void). In this case, it is necessary to sign the contract in the form indicated in the legal act.
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Loan agreement


The loan agreement and material aspects connected with it are specified in the Civil Code, in articles from 720 to 724. The required form of concluding a loan agreement depends on its value. If its value exceeds 1000 PLN, it is required to submit a declaration of intent in the form of a document that also allows to determine who made the statement.

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Joint ownership agreement

Co-ownership can be a very practical solution that applies to real estate, motor vehicles, but also consumer goods. For example, along with your neighbors, you can purchase garden equipment that will be your co-ownership. Because such equipment is used relatively rarely, it can be successfully used by many people to make the most of it. Bringing a cost by one person can be too much of a financial burden, while a joint purchase and joint ownership agreement can make life much easier without taking out a loan.
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Complaints about goods or services


The Consumer Rights Act does not specify the form in which a complaint of goods or services should be submitted. The entrepreneur should, however, confirm the acceptance of the complaint for consideration. Thanks to the Autenti platform, the complaint is signed with the consumer's signature and the signature of the entrepreneur's employee who confirms the acceptance of the complaint for consideration. The complaint may be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the entrepreneur as contact for the purpose of the complaint. The entrepreneur has 30 days to respond to the complaint from the day it was received.
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Withdrawal from the contract with the entrepreneur


Similarly to the terms of filing complaints, the terms of withdrawal from the contract are set out in the "Consumer Rights Act". In case of contracts concluded away from the business premises or from a distance, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the moment the order is processed. The form of the statement is not specified in the act, so it can be submitted in any form.

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Authorization to pick up a child from school or kindergarten


Authorization to pick up a child is a statement made by parents, eg at school or kindergarten. The authorization indicates specific persons (names, surnames, number of the document confirming the identity). The appropriate statement can be sent via Autenti to the e-mail address of the institution, without the need of printing it. What's more, in this particular case, the platform allows you to collect more than 2 signatures on the certificate, i.e. a parent, educator and additionally a person authorized to pick up the child. It is enough to keep the documentary form to effectively submit a statement.

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Excuse notes written by parents to teachers


Sport is healthy, but it may happen that for some objective reasons a child cannot participate in physical education classes. In such emergencies, the dismissal may be sent to the e-mail address of the facility or teacher with the relevant information, without having to prepare the written form of the exemption from the lessons and transfer it via the child.

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Consent to the child's participation in the school trip


Another example in which you can use the Autenti electronic signature is to agree to the child's participation in the school trip. This example is analogical to the one above (number 8).

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Vacation request


Employees can use Autenti to submit certain applications and declarations to their employer. One of such documents is a vacation request. Signature of the employer under such an application is tantamount to its acceptance. Thanks to sending the application by Autenti, we have all the approvals in one place and a copy of the document is received by both - the employee and the employer.