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3 applications of an e-signature at a company

Speed, convenience, maximum savings of time and money. This is a short summary of the most important advantages of signing documents electronically. And although until recently many people thought it was only a science-fiction solution, today e-signature is a fact and it is gaining popularity! Moreover, it is used not only by the biggest financial players on the market, such as Alior Bank, PKO BP or BNP Paribas, but also by medium and small entrepreneurs. It's no surprise that an e-signature available at a company is a perfect solution for any organization - regardless of its size or the industry in which it operates!

Electronic signing of documents – from banks to your company

Referring to the typical financial brands, i.e. the already mentioned well-known banks such as: Alior Bank, PKO BP and BNP Paribas, the e-signature is perfect for concluding various types of banking contracts. First: it is a safe solution and, as you know, in the case of the financial industry, security is of the highest importance. Secondly: no paper required. You can forget about piles of papers stuffed into cabinets, binders and on shelves. All the required documentation can be stored on computers or in the cloud. And finally: an e-signature is a hugely convenient proposal for people who value their time and don't want to waste it.

Thanks to Autenti, you can sign documents wherever you are in the world!

As it turns out, digitization is not only the future, but is also becoming our reality, which, for example, banks in Poland are happy to benefit from. So why not use e-signature also at your company, thus improving many key processes? How can e-signature be used? You will find out more in the article.

E-signature for establishing cooperation with new employees

E-signature is a solution that has a very wide range of applications and can be successfully used, for instance, in the area of HR to establish cooperation with new employees. Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to sign a contract of mandate, contract for a specific work or an employment contract – each of them can be successfully finalized with an e-signature. Introducing electronic signing of documents with new or current employees saves time and money. Just a few clicks – nothing needs to be printed or sent in a traditional way, e.g. by post or courier. All documents related to hiring new employees can be easily sent and signed in just a few minutes using an electronic signature.

Note: although a simple electronic signature is enough for the vast majority of HR documents, a qualified electronic signature will give you the most options. Due to such a signature, you can sign documents that require a written form (otherwise being invalid) quickly and safely. In other cases, a simple e-signature will be enough. Concluding contracts in such a way is legally binding and above all significantly more convenient for both parties, as compared to the traditional form.

Electronic signing of documents – streamlining the work process within a company

Concluding contracts with employees is only the beginning of a long list of possibilities related to e-signature. Keep in mind that it will also be perfect for internal documentation. With just a few clicks, you can, for example, sign  work regulations, payroll and bonuses, range of duties of employees, authorization to process personal data, conclude an insurance contract of formally confirm entrustment of property (laptop, company car, etc.) to the employee. You can sign these types of documents quickly and securely even without leaving your office - provided that you decide to use an electronic signature.

Other internal documents that you can easily sign with your e-signature include:

  • employee leave requests,
  • settlement of business travel,
  • acceptance reports,
  • powers of attorney for employees,
  • medical certificates,
  • work certificates,
  • PIT-11 and PIT-40 tax returns.

E-signature at a company – for signing contracts with clients and subcontractors

The e-signature is a great tool for concluding various types of contracts with your clients. The Autenti platform makes it possible, for example, to sign and send:

  • non-disclosure agreements that protect parties from unauthorized sharing of confidential information;
  • framework agreements with clients and amendments to such agreements;
  • orders  from clients;
  • invoices for clients and subcontractors (also with the option of delivery confirmation);
  • briefing documents;
  • tender documentation.

As you can see, Autenti and e-signature at a company is something that significantly improves business operations and ensures quick and safe exchange of various types of documentation. 

In the case of the e-signature used at a company, it does not matter if the client is in the same city as you or in another location, even in a different country - the entire process of signing the necessary documentation takes place remotely, so distance does not matter

Signing documents in the traditional way takes longer (in the optimistic variant: several days), but is burdened with the risk of the shipment being lost or delayed in its delivery. It may also happen that the documentation is missing, for example, a stamp or other important elements - by arranging everything through the Autenti platform, you can make all changes significantly more efficiently, thus leading to faster communication with the client.

Electronic signing of documents benefits all parties

E-signature is not only a great simplification in the daily work of entrepreneurs. It's also a great way that contributes to image building of your company among the current, new and potential clients and job candidates. Organizations that eagerly use this solution can be considered as brave, keeping up with the times and not afraid of new challenges, including technological ones.

Thanks to the e-signature, both you and your employees will save your valuable time on administrative work and you can use it for other, more important tasks, e.g. contacting your clients or improving your products and services. 

And finally, as recent events in the world show – an electronic signature is a reliable solution that, even in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, is the safest and for many people also the only possible way to conclude contracts and sign important documents.