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3TS Capital Partners Funds invests in Autenti

Immediately after the investment round (series B) results were announced, we presented conversations with the new Autenti investors. Our questions were answered by Zbigniew Łapiński, Senior Partner of the 3TS Capital Partners fund.

3TS is one of the leading European growth capital firms. The Fund provides expansion capital for B2B SaaS technology platforms and software solution companies.


Why did the Fund decide to support and invest in Autenti?

Zbigniew Łapiński, Senior Partner at 3TS Capital Partners: This investment, the second in our new Fund IV, fits 3TS’s investment strategy perfectly. We concentrate on highly scalable technology companies with unique products. After building an innovative, functional platform for secure digital signing and automated document workflow with a leading position in Poland, Autenti is ready for international expansion to create a regional leader. This is the perfect timing for 3TS’ investment, as we have the knowledge and experience in scaling businesses into multiple markets. Autenti addresses the critical, must-have needs of process optimization for nearly 4,500 clients from various segments, which also includes implementations by the most demanding clients, such as some of the largest international banks, as well as foreign and Polish corporations. 

The current funding round and strategic support of investors will help Autenti accelerate its foreign expansion across the large and dynamically growing European market. The company will empower businesses to digitally transform and eliminate off-line methods of signing paper documents, as well as transition to more environmentally sustainable organizations.

What are the Fund's hopes in terms of investing in Autenti?

Zbigniew Łapiński: Having over two decades of experience investing in technological companies from the CEE region, we are happy that we can join the group of Autenti investors and support the Company with our knowledge and experience for scaling the Autenti platform on foreign markets. 

The founders’ and investors’ shared goal is to build a platform on the European market that will lead in managing digital workflows and signing documents using a convenient one-stop shop formula. After this round, the company is prepared in terms of products and has the financial resources to expand on a few selected foreign markets, where it has already started its sales activities in the recent months. We have observed that the market is ready and companies are currently looking for effective tools to speed up digital transformation and eliminate physical document workflows, not only for economical reasons, but also because of the growing need for environmental protection measures. At the same time, in this category, the European market is very scattered and without a clear leader in many local markets. This creates opportunities for Autenti to become a significant European player in the upcoming years.

Autenti is also planning further dynamic development in Poland and is building its reputation as an undisputed leader in this category. Autenti has demonstrated that it has an intuitive and functional product that addresses the real needs of business customers from various segments. Autenti managed to win the trust of some of the largest and most demanding Polish banks and nearly 5,000 business clients on the Polish market.

We also have high hopes for other trust services that the Autenti team is still developing, such as the qualified electronic delivery service eDelivery, which has a chance to revolutionize shipping correspondence in Poland and Europe. There is also Broker ID, which is used to verify the identity of customers and contractors, as well as the furthering of platform development for Business Process Automation.

How does the Fund, as an investor, assess the opportunities and prospects for Autenti's development?

Zbigniew Łapiński: Autenti supports and optimizes the daily operations of businesses by offering a functional and flexible platform for digital document workflow and signing. 

We are convinced that there are several years of very intense growth ahead of Autenti concerning two megatrends: digital transformation, so replacing traditional document signing with digital workflows and signatures. Additionally, this transformation has accelerated due to the pandemic and the popularization of remote work, as well as the increase of environmental awareness. The goals for reducing carbon emissions, paper waste and energy consumption will become even more imperative within the next few years and will motivate corporations to quickly switch to electronic signatures.

Additionally, inflation pressures and the resource and energy crisis place an even greater emphasis on the optimization of processes in companies. We anticipate that companies will look for further effective savings and resources by implementing electronic signatures and digital document workflows. On the other hand, online security issues will favor the use of advanced and qualified signatures, which are elements of the Autenti offer that stand out from the global competition.

We are convinced that Autenti, which is run by an experienced team and with the support of a wide range of investors, has a chance to leverage positive market trends and become a leading European player in the category of managing digital signing and workflow.

Autenti is a “brand success”?

Zbigniew Łapiński: By using the term brand success, we understand this as building a large international player within its category, and thus far Autenti meets all the criteria: the company already operates on a large market that will rapidly develop in the coming years, it has a highly scalable platform ready for foreign expansion, and has proven itself on the Polish market by being chosen as the solution for the most demanding customers. It also has an experienced team and a large group supporting shareholder development, as well as funding for further dynamic development.