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4 Autenti functionalities most frequently tested by our customers

The Autenti solution does not offer a standard electronic signature. Our platform gives far more beyond the standard submission of e-signature. Therefore, we encourage our customers to test various scenarios related to the signature and flow of documents. To make it easier for you to test the Autenti system, here are 4 scenarios and functionalities which are most frequently tested by our customers. All functionalities are available at the test business account (create a test business account). Let's recall the set of questions which our users ask prior to choosing the solution we offer.

Will Autenti be the right platform for me if:

  1. there are lots of people in my company who are authorised to sign documents in many various business processes?
  2. agreements to be valid must be signed at the same time by at least two persons - e.g. two management board members?
  3. in our company, a document must be approved by other divisions prior being signed by the person who represents the company?
  4. all the signed agreements must be archived?

Addition of many users to one business account

Many people, often from various divisions or departments, may be authorised to send and sign documents on behalf of the company. For example

      • HR Head is authorised to sign civil-law agreements with the staff,
      • Sales representatives are authorised to submit offers and sign orders with customers,
      • Supervisor accepts holiday requests of his/her team members,
      • Legal counsel accepts the content of documents prior they reach the management board.

There are many cases of use. It is relevant that at the Autenti platform each person working in the same organisation can send and sign documents within one business account. To add many users to the account:

      1. log in to the business account
      2. enter: Account settings > Users > Invite a user,
      3. add the e-mail address and position of the person being added,

Any invited person will receive an e-mail which will direct him/her to the registration form. Upon confirmation of this invitation, the person will be assigned to the business account.

Standard Autenti accounts enables to add up to 15 users. If there are more than 15 people sending documents to be signed in your company, please contact our sales department and let us prepare an individual offer for you.

In the video we show how to assign a few people, who perform various functions in HR, sales divisions or legal department to the account. Upon being invited and registered, the status of these people changes to "Active".

[video width="1280" height="800" mp4=""][/video]

Signature of the same document by many people employed in one company

Not a single company, in order to effectively sign a given document, requires several signatures to be placed by the persons authorised to do so. Documents sent for signature by the Autenti platform can be signed by many people, also within one organisation. And they can do it at the same time. To do this:

      1. create a document to be signed,
      2. when sending a document, add all persons (as its recipients) who are to sign this document (even a few ones from the same organisation),
      3. send this document for signature.

The document so sent will marked with its Autenti Certificate only upon all its recipients have signed it.

The video shows an exemplary case where, apart from the customer's signature, your sales manager and the President of the Testing Company have to sign a given order. This document is sent by the Trader who is not authorised to sign documents on behalf of the company but may send them for signature.

[video width="1280" height="800" mp4=""][/video]

Creation of document flow

It often occurs in companies that documents must be approved in advance by other staff members such as financial, HR, legal or sales representatives, prior they can be signed by the authorised person. The Autenti platform enables to create document workflows. They make it possible to determine, among others, the method of acceptance (initials or signature) of documents and the order in which they were collected. To create a document workflow:

      1. log in to the Autenti business account,
      2. go to Account settings > Document workflows,
      3. create a workflow making use of one of the following options: "Add using a wizard" or "Add using a block diagram",
      4. upon naming a document workflow, specify what kind of documents it will cover,
      5. add all steps in the process and specify who initials a given document and who signs it,
      6. when sending a new document, instead of typing in its recipients manually, select any workflow on the basis of which this document should be processed.

The video below shows how to create a workflow making use of a block diagram (it is also a result of adding a workflow using the Wizard) and the signature of such a document. The example refers to the creation of a document workflow referring to the signing of Contract for specific work. The President of the Testing Company may sign the contract only upon the HR Manager initials the signed document. Initials are a form of internal acceptance. They are often used in legal departments prior a document is signed by the authorised person.

[video width="1280" height="800" mp4=""][/video]

Archiving signed documents

The paper archive can be pretty messy. In Autenti we haven’t got that problem. Each user can store thousands of documents as part of his/hers account and have permanent access to them. Signed documents can also be downloaded to another disk in the cloud (eg Google Drive or OneDrive) or sent to a dedicated email address. No matter where you will store the signed documents (the document could be stored even in many places), each of them is original and valid, if it has been signed and granted the Autenti Certificate. To download signed documents:

  1. log in to your company account,
  2. go to the completed tab,
  3. select the one you want to download from the list of documents,
  4. click "Download everything."

Selected documents will be downloaded in the zip format. You can also specify the e-mail address to which all signed documents will be sent as part of the company account. To do this:

  1. log in to your company account,
  2. go to Settings> Company information and click "Edit company details",
  3. enter the e-mail address where the signed documents should be archived or
  4. enter the e-mail address of the User who is to receive the documents signed as part of the company account.

The following video shows how to add an archive email address in the company account settings, to which all electronically signed documents are sent. It also presents the addition of a company account user who receives all documents signed within the company (even those that do not require the signature of the person).

[video width="1280" height="800" mp4=""][/video]