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5 useful benefits electronic signature offers SMEs

Electronic signatures for small and medium-sized companies are a modern solution that facilitate business operations. Get to know the most important benefits electronic signature offers. There are surprisingly more of them than you might expect.

The electronic signature is a tool that small and medium-sized companies can use to adapt to the changing business landscape. The pandemic has caused business to move online, and electronic document exchange has become even more important. The changes have impacted all companies, regardless of the size and industry that they operate in.

Electronic signature - get to know the benefits

The electronic signature confirms the identity of the author and is positioned under the document in digital form (e.g. PDF or DOCX file). There are two types of electronic signatures: the standard and qualified. Autenti offers both versions.

Business Digitalization

Entrepreneurs who use electronic signatures no longer have to print and send documents to clients. Thanks to this, signing a contract or order can be executed entirely remotely. This process accelerates document circulation and reduces costs associated with it. Thanks to the Autenti platform, you have easy access to all signed files. Moreover, the digital format makes it easier to store and catalog documents

A solution that is simple and fast

The electronic signatures that Autenti offers are cloud signatures. To use this type of signature you do not need to use a reader and card – the only thing needed is a device with Internet access and a web browser. You can sign using an electronic signature at any time and anywhere, whether that be in the office or during a business trip. It should also only take you a few minutes to submit an electronic signature via our platform.

Legal validity of documents

The person who uses a qualified signature has their identity confirmed by a trusted provider and is issued a certificate. Thanks to this, a qualified signature possesses the same legal effects as a handwritten signature. The files signed with this type of signature meet the criteria of the written form – this applies to, for example, a general power of attorney or a leasing contract.

Secure document circulation

All files signed and sent via the Autenti platform are secured with a qualified electronic seal. This guarantees the integrity of the document, meaning that no changes can be made to its content after it has been signed. This way you can be certain that both sides have access to the same version of the file.

Durability and accessibility of the signed document

Thanks to the Autenti platform, both parties have unlimited access to the signed document without needing for the other party to get involved. The combination of these two attributes – integrity and accessibility – mean that each document signed via our platform meets the legal requirements of a durable medium and, if necessary, can constitute as evidence in court or administrative proceedings.

These are but some of the most important benefits of using an electronic signature. Check it out and find out exactly how we can facilitate your business operations.