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Aulery - competition for startups and technology companies. Autenti among the winners

Aulery is the oldest and most prestigious competition for Polish startups and technology companies. Its task is to identify and promote the best Polish companies with global potential. The winners often achieve international successes, and attract the attention of investors.


This year Autenti was among the winners. Among such well-known and prosperous companies as Brand24, InfoShare, Showroom or IndaHash. This year Autenti joined the group of winners. The awards are granted by a jury composed of practitioners and industry investors. Among them are representatives of medium and large business as well as representatives of startup communities and organizations. Among them are Michał Jaworski (Microsoft Polska), Michał Brański (Wirtualna Polska), Rafał Brzoska (InPost), Aniela Hejnowska (Groupon) and Bartek Gola (SpeedUp Group).


Aulery was created by Aula Polska - the oldest organization in the country, which actively promotes the culture of technological entrepreneurship. They have been awarded since 2009 and were conceived as awards from people working in the field of new technologies for young companies that need a strong stimulus for further development. It is not about material aid, but support and establishing contacts.

If you look at the finalists and winners of the Aulery, you can get the impression that the Jury has an incredible feeling - only one company that won at all 11 editions did not survive. This is a great result and testifies to the great knowledge and sense of the Jury. - says Artur Kurasiński, the organizer of the Aurely and the Polish Aula.

Six winners managed to sell their startups and one debuted on the Newconnect market. Few startup contests can boast such survival of companies. So far, 46 awards have been presented, of which 5 are special awards granted for merits for the startup community. The winners of special Aulery are: Rafał Agnieszczak - entrepreneur, business angel, mentor; Maciej Jankowski - startup environment activist in Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship; Migam - startup developing technologies and services for deaf and hard of hearing people; Leon Koźmiński Academy - university focusing on spreading knowledge about entrepreneurship; Bartłomiej Gola - VC investor, startup environment activist from Poznań.

Over ten years we have managed to develop recognition for the Aulery brand in the startup environment. We award companies that in the following years create jobs in Poland and abroad, increase Polish GDP, and what is most important for us - become our business cards in the world of technology. Our goal for the next decade is to increase the recognition of Aulery in Poland outside the startup environment to explain what startups are and for whom it is a professional career. We want to contribute to the cooperation between cities and their ecosystems of entrepreneurs, because in many places in Poland interesting companies are established, which are often more recognizable abroad than in their own country. We want to search for the best ones and reward them. - Artur announces.

On June 6, 2019, the 11th edition of the competition took place at the Google for Startups Campus in Warsaw. 130 companies entered the competition, 29 in the finals. 4 companies won, out of which Autenti got the most votes. Among the winners, apart from us, there were Laparo Medical Simulators, Syntoil, PlaceMe.

Winning this competition is a breakthrough event for us. The challenge we took up was appreciated by outstanding experts and specialists. For the whole Autenti team the signal is obvious - we just raised the bar before the next jump. And this will be the entry into the European market, which we are planning in the coming months. - said Grzegorz Wójcik, CEO of Autenti.

We would like to congratulate all the participants of the competition! This award for us, with the marks of such an esteemed and professional jury, is above all pride and joy. But also motivation and commitment to further intensive efforts on the way to the implementation of the one-click e-signature strategy.