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Marco Gouw as International Sales Enterprise Director and Statutory Director of Autenti BV

Autenti is pleased to announce the appointment of Marco Gouw to the Sales leadership team. This move follows Autenti's previous announcement to scale up its business across Europe. The strategy of scaling up is supported by an additional EUR 8.5 million raised in a Series B investment round.

Gouw brings extensive experience and a proven track record of success in the trust services and e-identification sector. With over 20 years of strategic leadership at notable companies such as Signicat, Cameleon ICT, and Huawei Technologies, Marco is well-equipped to guide Autenti towards new heights. His deep understanding of market trends, customer-centric approach, and passion for innovation align perfectly with Autenti's core values. Marco Gouw, together with Barry Jungels, VP of Sales, contributes to Autenti's pan-european plans with their international experience.

"I believe Autenti offers a unique combination of services that gives us a competitive edge in the industry" says Marco Gouw. "We provide end-to-end critical process solutions. Our comprehensive services include a one-click signature platform for all types of transactions, offering all three types of e-signatures in a convenient single solution. We also provide KYC methods, such as Broker ID, which allows for secure client onboarding and authentication on a trusted and scalable platform. Additionally, we leverage Autenti's unique European QES Marketplace to empower clients to sign cross-border agreements anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, we are currently developing an e-Delivery solution. What's important to note is that we have implemented everything in an e-commerce manner".

Marco, in addition to assuming the position of Sales Enterprise Director, is responsible for developing the business of Autenti BV placed in The Hague, where he has been appointed as a Statutory Director. He will focus on expanding into the Benelux and DACH markets. We wish him every success in his new roles and look forward to the future.


About us:

Autenti is an all-in-one platform that enables organizations to accelerate their business by providing trust services such as electronic signatures, e-identification services, registered e-delivery, and digitization of business processes.

As a leading solution ecosystem in Poland, Autenti is now expanding into other European markets, including DACH, Benelux, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Spain. The company's goal is to become the largest operator of trust services in the European Union. Autenti raised €8.5 million in 2022 during its Series B funding round, with two international VC funds, 3TS Capital Partners and Elevator Ventures, joining the existing group of investors.

The company aims to provide customers, contractors, employees, and business partners with digital tools to conduct business processes securely, quickly, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Autenti supports more than 7,000 companies with a wide range of digital solutions suitable for various business processes, including credits and loans, cash operations, bank accounts, insurance, leasing, Automotive, HR, and more.


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