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Autenti becomes a member of the Banking Technology Forum

As a result of the decision made by the Presidium of the Banking Technology Forum at the Polish Bank Association, Autenti was admitted as a member of the FTB this December.

The Banking Technology Forum is a unique platform that connects the banking and technology sectors. For over 15 years, members of the Forum, which include representatives of the world of technology providers, have been supporting Polish financial institutions. They are helped by, among others, in implementing innovations, overcoming legislative barriers, and also in providing security to modern solutions. As a result of these activities, projects are recognized all over the world. 

The Banking Technology Forum of the Polish Bank Association group holds much prestige. The group is joined by several entities every year, including organizations such as: Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Google Poland, PwC, Hitachi, Dell, KIR, Asseco, Blue Media and Comarch. Autenti was admitted to the group at the earliest possible date with the approval of the entire FTB community. Autenti will formally begin cooperating with the Banking Technology Forum of the Polish Bank Association starting from January 1, 2022. 

The FTB Presidium’s unanimous decision to accept Autenti as a member of the FTB is a great joy and invaluable honor for us. Moreover, Autenti is still a relatively young company. We would like to thank the Presidium of the Banking Technology Forum of the Polish Bank Association and partners from the financial sector for their trust and high assessment of our activities, which are in line with a paperless philosophy. For years, we have been passionately creating innovative and high quality digital tools, and are very pleased that they have been appreciated. They are increasingly used by numerous representatives of the banking sector and nearly 3 million of our joint clients - says Karolina Kowalczyk, IT Product Partnership Manager at Autenti. 

- We are very pleased to note that another leading provider of modern digital solutions - Autenti - has become a member of the ZBP Banking Technology Forum, said Bartłomiej Nocoń, director of payment systems and electronic banking at the Polish Bank Association. Participation in the work of the FTB is an opportunity to exchange experiences, share knowledge and support each other in creating new innovations in the area of digital transformations. All of this has a significant impact on the perception of the Polish banking sector and how it stands out in the world. 


Bartłomiej Nocoń, director of payment systems and the electronic banking area at the Polish Bank Association


Autenti has created the standard for e-signature and digital identification. It offers a platform for authorizing documents and concluding contracts via the Internet, as well as identity identification services that are carried out by working with international suppliers.  Autenti is the result of a unique combination of electronic signature, innovative technology and legal environment based on European and national regulations. Autenti's mission is to educate the world about electronic signatures and the benefits it guarantees. For years, Autenti has been successfully persuading business owners, enterprises and corporations to reduce or even give up paper and implement e-solutions in business.

More than 2,600 companies and nearly 3 million consumers already use Autenti's services.