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Autenti is bridging gaps of e-signing in Europe

At Autenti, we're dedicated to removing barriers in electronic document signing across Europe. Our latest update now allows users to sign documents with any qualified electronic signature, regardless of the provider or country. This groundbreaking feature is available for tests to all users with a business account on the Autenti platform.

Why this change matters for businesses

The European market for electronic signatures is incredibly diverse, with over 170 suppliers offering various types of qualified signatures (QES). Often, document recipients have local signatures that were not previously integrated with our platform. This situation required users to complete the signing process outside our platform, leading to extended signing times and lower process control.

To address these challenges and streamline the process of remote contract conclusion, we've developed an open ecosystem of trust services. Our aim is to ensure that businesses, regardless of their location or the tools they use, can efficiently and securely sign documents using their preferred qualified signatures.

What’s new?

Our new feature allows recipients to sign documents with any qualified electronic signature, including certificates on cryptographic cards. This functionality ensures a uniform, safe, and controlled signing process, even if documents are signed with different qualified signatures. This capability is particularly beneficial for businesses needing to coordinate document signing with multiple representatives or partners worldwide.


The business advantage

This functionality is available as part of Autenti Labs for all users of business accounts on the Autenti platform.

This new feature is a significant milestone in our strategy to create a Pan-European platform benefiting local and international businesses. Here's why it's a game-changer:

1. Seamless international compatibility

Businesses can now request signatures from partners in different countries without the need to control the types of QES used by the counterpart, ensuring they use their preferred local tools. Whether it's a Hungarian citizen signing with Microsec or a German partner using their preferred certificate, Autenti facilitates seamless cross-border trading.

2. Enhanced workflow control

The platform allows businesses to manage the signing process in a structured and transparent manner, providing real-time status updates and reminders for signatories. This reduces delays and enhances efficiency.

3. Compliance and security.

Autenti ensures compliance with the eIDAS regulation, providing automatic verification and qualified timestamps for long-term document validation. This makes it certain that documents signed on our platform are legally binding and secure.

This functionality is available for testing until the end of June 2024 for all business account users on the Autenti platform. Take advantage of this opportunity to streamline your document signing processes and optimize the back office costs.

Try it out today to see how it can benefit your business operations. Schedule a meeting with an Autenti expert to customize the solution to your needs.