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Autenti joins forces with Microsoft Teams. Starting today, signing documents online is even easier

The Autenti platform is a unique combination of electronic signature, innovative technology and a legal environment that is based on European and national regulations. Autenti makes it possible to authorize and conclude contracts through the Internet. Moreover, the platform offers additional features that include user identification and qualified services. This is the first solution of its kind in Poland and one of the few in Europe that is already commercially used by over 3,700 companies. As a fintech company that is constantly developing, Autenti started out on its adventure in 2013 by eliminating the use of paper in business processes. This time around, Autenti is joining forces with Microsoft Teams. How will Autenti users benefit from this new cooperation?

The Autenti platform is fully integrated with MS Teams

Today, Microsoft Teams is one of the most important and most popular tools for group work and is used every day by thousands of companies around the world. By integrating with Microsoft Teams, Autenti lets customers work comfortably in an environment that they are already familiar with, as well as enable them to forego checking their e-mail or from using a separate application to send and sign documents. 

Autenti in Microsoft Teams also provides users with the Inbox function to transmit right to their Teams screens. On the one hand, Autenti customers can view their inbox, check up on the signing processes, sign, initial and leave their comments on documents, while on the other hand, it is also possible to send a new document for signature. A user that is logged into Teams no longer has to log into an Autenti account, as the platform redirects them to the familiar interfaces. It does not matter if an employee wants to send or sign a document, all Autenti features are available from the same place. A clearly laid out task list and the immediate visibility of new documents that are awaiting signature lets users quickly act and communicate well with each other in the everyday work environment. Additionally, the possibility of using the MS Teams address book enhances the process.

The entire integration is very simple, as it only requires a one-time connection between an MS Teams account and its equivalent on Autenti by logging into Autenti. 

The Autenti application can be found in the MS Teams marketplace by entering the platform name in the search box or browsing through the product category “Microsoft 365 / Teams”.  You can also use a direct link.

The Autenti with MS Teams integration is yet another initiative that is part of the company's long-term cooperation with Microsoft.

Autenti is already, among others, a Co-Sell as a Microsoft partner in Poland, and for several years has also been using cloud solutions as part of Microsoft Azure.

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