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Autenti / Blog / Bank Millennium uses the Autenti platform to remotely sign contracts with employees

Bank Millennium uses the Autenti platform to remotely sign contracts with employees

For Bank Millennium, the incentive to start working with Autenti was the need to adjust HR processes for remote and hybrid work. This fact fast tracked the bank's decision to introduce digital services for HR documents, including electronic signatures. This new process eliminated printing, signing, scanning contracts and long waiting periods for originals.

The HR document signing process for banks often meant that it was necessary to travel and hold in-person meetings, especially for extending contracts or adding amendments to them. Additionally, a logistical challenge existed since contracts should be signed by directors, who usually have tight schedules and very limited time resources. But thanks to this new solution, they can now meet employees via Teams at anywhere and anytime. The document is uploaded to the platform and the contract is concluded in real time, electronically and on the same day. Moreover, the electronically signed original is available right away.

Monika Ruraż-Lipińska, head of the Human Resources Team at Bank Millennium, speaks about the new improvement:

The Autenti platform makes it possible for employees to sign documents remotely. This first applies to HR documents - preliminary contracts, employment contracts, annexes, training contracts, contracts for fuel cards and decisions concerning the social fund. Signing documents only takes a few minutes, which significantly lessens the length of HR processes. At the same time, it optimizes our engagement and minimizes the risk of the recipient not receiving the document on time or to the indicated address. Additionally, we save on the fact that we can eliminate the costs of courier services that were used to deliver documents. The environmental aspect is also worth mentioning, as there is no need to print paper documents, store and archive them.

The security and authenticity of documents signed remotely is also incredibly important:

Securing the authenticity and integrity of the document’s content is the primary advantage of this new platform. Processing and signing take place in a strictly defined way, and only authorized persons have access to the documents. During the signing and transfer process of the document no one can change its content, therefore the signed document always corresponds to the original. The validation attestation is a detailed PDF report issued by Autenti. It includes information about the verification result of electronic signatures and seals, which can then be downloaded once the process ends - adds Monika Ruraż-Lipińska.

Which particular solutions did the bank decide on? Anna Krasuska, Head of Sales at Autenti, explains:

The bank uses the Autenti platform during the signing contract process, making it possible for bank representatives to sign employment contracts and other documents with a qualified signature and employees to utilize e-signatures. Thanks to this solution, the time needed to sign a contract is significantly shortened, and saving on this time directly translates into an increase in the efficiency of HR processes.