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Changes in Plans on the Autenti Platform

In a dynamically changing technological world, adaptation and innovation are the keys to success. This is precisely the spirit in which Autenti operates. As European pioneers in the field of electronic signatures and identification services, we actively shape the future, always staying one step ahead of market expectations. With complete commitment, we have prepared a series of changes aimed at providing the highest quality of our services. Here's what we have to offer.

Table of Contents

1. Date of implementation of changes
2. Why are we changing?
3. 14-day Trial
4. Changes in the FREE plan
5. Changes in the PRO plan
6. Expiration of the PRO or PREMIUM plan
7. Summary

Date of implementation of changes

All changes described below will apply to all users of the Autenti platform and take effect from August 1, 2023. (except for the changes concerning the PRO account, which only apply to new accounts created on the platform)

Why are we changing?

Development and innovation

In a dynamically changing business world, there is no room for stagnation. Every day we face new challenges, new expectations, and endless possibilities. That's why Autenti, as a leader in the industry, is fully committed to innovation and continuous development. The changes we introduce are not the result of fleeting whims or fashionable trends. They are well-thought-out decisions, based on thorough market analysis and on your needs and expectations. Thanks to the tireless effort of our team, which is constantly looking for new solutions, Autenti is not only adapted to today's requirements but also prepared for the future.

Feedback from you

There is nothing more valuable to us than your opinions and suggestions. Thanks to you, our loyal users, and business partners, we can develop and perfect our offer. Every voice that reaches us is carefully analyzed and taken into account in our development plans. Your experiences, positive comments, but also constructive criticism, help us shape the Autenti platform to be even more intuitive, functional, and adapted to your needs.

We want to share with you

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are key elements of our philosophy. That's why we want to give you, both our regular customers and those considering using the platform, the opportunity to test it in practice. After all, there is no better way to get to know a product than by using it directly. We know that our platform has a lot to offer, so we wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. As they say, "the best way to understand something is to try to apply it in practice."

14-day Trial - free trial period for new accounts

Understanding the importance of an initial experience with our platform, we want to provide new users with the opportunity to become fully acquainted with the functionalities offered by Autenti. Therefore, every new business account on our platform begins its journey with a 14-day trial period, which allows full use of the tool's potential before you make a purchase decision.

During this period, we provide you with all the features included in the PRO plan, which allows a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and benefits of using our solution. Additionally, during this trial period, there is the possibility to send up to 10 documents, giving practical experience of electronic signing in a real business environment.

Platform features available in the PRO plan.

  • E-signature Autenti
  • Option to withdraw a document
  • Autenti mobile app
  • Unlimited sending of documents for signing
  • Possibility of initialing documents with one click
  • Sending to multiple users at once
  • Address book
  • Setting the order of signatures
  • Notifications about the status of the document
  • Reminder to submit a signature sent by email

After the trial period, you retain access to your documents, but lose the ability to send documents for signing and use the other functionalities of the platform.

How will this affect existing users?

Changes in the FREE plan

Current accounts on the FREE plan (both private and business) had the freedom to send 5 documents per month. From now on, the limit will be 3 documents per month.

Changes in available functionalities

  • The FREE plan will no longer have an address book or electronic signature validator.
  • These conveniences will be available starting from the PRO plan.

You will see changes in your FREE account with the new billing cycle in August 2023.

Changes in the PRO plan (for new accounts)

Some features will be moved to the PREMIUM plan. The following will disappear from the PRO plan:

  • Shared document templates
  • Shared message templates for recipients
  • Access to all company documents (global label).

What happens after the PRO or PREMIUM plan expires

When your PRO or PREMIUM plan expires, you will lose the ability to send documents for signing. Storing, accessing archived documents, and signing new ones will still be possible. Ensure uninterrupted access to the Autenti platform for your company. 



By introducing modifications in the structure of Autenti platform plans, we strive to create an offer as tailored as possible to the diversified needs of our users. We are confident that these changes represent a step forward in optimizing our service. All details regarding the functions available in individual plans can be found on the Autenti platform's pricing page.

After all, as they say, "Without change, there is no progress." Thanks for being with us and being part of the paperless world!