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Check out the documents you can sign electronically for HR

Thanks to the Autenti platform, numerous companies have already introduced electronic signatures to HR. HR benefits from this solution because they save time by sending documents to current or future employees and then are able to sign them remotely in just a few minutes. Time isn’t the only thing they save, as they also save money. HR no longer has to print and send documents for signature by post or courier

Electronic signature for HR - does it apply to all documents?

All documents related to employment and employee matters can be signed using an electronic signature. Having a qualified signature, the employer and the employee can sign any document in relation to the other. A qualified electronic signature is required, provided that a given document is legally required to be in writing, otherwise under pain of nullity. The remaining documents can be signed with the use of standard or advanced electronic signatures.

Contracts signed via the Autenti platform with a standard electronic signature will be valid, even if the act requires a documentary form, a documentary form under pain of nullity, and a written form (non-proprietary under the pain of nullity). The above results, among others, from Art. 73 § 1 of the Civil Code, according to which, if the act stipulates a written or documentary form for a legal action, an action performed without the stipulated form is invalid only if the act provides for the rigor of nullity - this fragment on the conclusion of employment contracts using the Autenti platform was prepared by the law firm Answer.

Can electronic documents signed via Autenti be attached to the employee's file?

Polish law provisions no longer require the keeping of the employee's personal files in paper form. According to the Act of January 10, 2018 on the amendment of certain acts relating to shortening the storage period for employee files and their electronicization, from January 1, 2019, the employer may store employee files in electronic form. Therefore, electronically signed documents, which are the originals of the document, can be attached to the employee’s electronic files. Documents prepared in paper form can also be attached to electronic employee files. It is even enough to sign a scan of a document and attach it to the file. Autenti lets you store electronically signed documents in an encrypted archive.

Which HR documents can you sign with Autenti e-signatures?

Number of existing documents used in human resources departments/HR is vast. It is not only about the number of signed documents, but also about categorization. Clicking on the link:, you can find a catalog of documents that concern cooperation and internal documents and can be signed electronically, along with information on what type of e-signature is needed to validate the signed contract or document. If you notice that a certain type of document is missing, please let us know and we will quickly verify that one in particular.