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Concluding contracts during the coronavirus – how are documents signed remotely?

The coronavirus epidemic has forced many companies and entrepreneurs to significantly make changes in how their organizations’ work. One of the most common solutions has been remote work, in other words the home office. It is worth noting, however, that managing the performance of official duties alone is not enough. Employees must be given tools to use them, so access to company systems, on-line documents, and databases. To maintain the organizational and administrative order of the activities carried out, it is also necessary to sign documents remotely. How can the Autenti platform improve and speed up this process?

Remote work - will the coronavirus expedite this solution’s popularity?

According to the data from the Kantar TNS study,  „Remote job market and employee expectations” carried out in 2018, shows that only one in three Polish employees has the option of working remotely in their company. In many companies, the possibility to work from home every now and then was indicated in the recruitment process as a privilege and distinguishing feature on the market.

Currently, the government is encouraging that employees work remotely whenever possible. This is to minimize the risk of infection not only in the company but also on the way to work. It can therefore be said that the epidemic forced entrepreneurs to change their attitudes towards the home office.

However, it must be remembered that introducing this solution is only the first step, as it does not mean that the matter is really settled. Companies that show greater flexibility in this area, an openness towards new solutions, and trust in their employees may come out with less losses due to the coronavirus crisis and be more enriched through priceless experiences that will bring them future benefits.

Electronic signature –  documents must also be without problems in the home office

One of the key issues that companies must solve in relation to the coronavirus epidemic and remote work is the efficiency of document circulation and having online access to them. In particular, this concerns all agreements with external entities or public institutions. The crisis situation may lead to a less restrictive approach to all formalities. However, this is the wrong outlook, as the ramifications could continue on long after the epidemic is over.

Autenti helps sign documents electronically

The key issue is thus the possibility to sign and verify documents by authorized persons without being physically present in the office. The Autenti platform gives its customers access to the following types of signatures:

  • electronic signature – is a declaration of identity; such a signature may be thought of as signing with a name and surname of an e-mail or by placing a facsimile under the document; considering the driving force of this type of signature, it must be remembered that its authenticity is at risk of being undermined if it was not created through a trust service; it may be used in everyday situations, confirming previous findings or sharing the current status of a project. However, if this type of signature is submitted onto documents sent via the Autenti platform, it is very easy to link it to the signer’s e-mail address and telephone number, and in this way clarify their identity
  • qualified electronic signature – a signature that is equivalent to a handwritten signature and is assigned to one person whose identity has already been verified; this is a type of electronic signature that can be used in business relations, but also in contact with offices and public entities; the service allowing the signature’s use is provided by a qualified certification center; Autenti not only makes it possible to store and send documents signed with a qualified electronic signature, but can also act as an intermediary in obtaining a qualified certificate

Autenti on-line documents  – everything in one place on the Autenti platform

Electronic signatures are very important, but they are not the only components of digital document workflows. Having remote access to them is equally important. Thanks to this, you can view their content at any time, as well as check the processing stage that they are in. The Autenti platform makes it possible to access documents online and each user can enter their history’s activities on the account – they also have the option to view all contracts assigned to their account.

The coronavirus epidemic – an enormous challenge for entrepreneurs

Without the slightest doubt, the coronavirus will cause significant difficulties when running a business. Some experts even predict a global crisis. However, companies that are able to adjust to extreme conditions and change the way they operate and organize their work may not only ease the turbulence related to an epidemic, but can also help gain a competitive advantage after it is over. Home office for employees, the use of electronic signatures and access to online documents are certainly key elements of a strategy that is great for the time and challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.