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EcoVadis chooses the #paperless path with Autenti

EcoVadis leads companies towards a sustainable world. The company, operating since 2007, has become the largest and most trusted provider of sustainable business development assessments worldwide, creating a global network covering over 100,000 evaluated companies.

EcoVadis' vision aims to improve economies, quality of life for people, and protect the planet upon which we all depend. Eco-friendly solutions in the daily operations of organizations seem to be an integral and natural move for EcoVadis. With Marta Krzywicka, People Operations Director at EcoVadis, we discuss the shift from traditional to electronic document flow and the benefits that the HR team has seen since implementing Autenti. 

Why did you decide to implement Autenti?
We were looking for a flexible solution that, on the one hand, would streamline document flow, especially in a hybrid or remote work model. A solution that would reduce the carbon footprint, which is incredibly important for EcoVadis, and also be cost-effective and tailored to our specific needs. The "green revolution" in the HR team - as we internally named the implementation - happened quickly and smoothly. We provided our employees with briefings on the changes and knowledge about how the qualified electronic signature works. Despite the project's significance and the scale of organizational change after adjusting internal processes, the platform's implementation was a mere formality.

In which processes do you use the Autenti platform?
Our HR team handles all employee-related agreements and documents on the platform, as well as civil-law agreements. In a hybrid work model or with teams scattered across the country, this is an incredible convenience, saving time and energy for those involved in HR administration. It's also a facilitation for employees who receive documents almost instantly upon creation. Currently, we use a qualified electronic signature, and we also look forward to implementing a qualified electronic seal to fully digitize personnel files and automate communication between our HR-Payroll system and Autenti.

What benefits do you see in transitioning from paper-based to electronic document flow with Autenti?
The most significant benefit is undoubtedly the time and energy saved in overseeing documents, sending and waiting for returns, and the need to travel from the office every time an employee needed to pick up a document. We have also reduced costs associated with document shipping. We observe a significant reduction in paper and printer consumption, as well as a reduction in the carbon footprint by minimizing document shipments via couriers. However, the most valuable aspect is the organizational streamlining, which is invaluable in our work due to the dispersion of teams throughout the country.