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Europa Ubezpieczenia digitizes its processes with the Autenti platform

Europa Ubezpieczenia specializes in partnerships and is one of the most innovative insurers in Poland. Focused on bancassurance, affinity, and tourist segments, the company has been present in the market for over 25 years, with several million Poles covered by its insurance. In 2022, Europa Ubezpieczenia made a decision for a strategic digital transformation, aiming to enhance its competitiveness, agility, and speed in developing partnerships, as well as methods and channels of insurance sales. One element of this change is the implementation of electronic document circulation. We discuss the transformation and experience of cooperating with Autenti with Grzegorz Pawlicki, Board Member and CIO at Europa Ubezpieczenia.

What does digital transformation in Europa Ubezpieczenia involve?
Our transformation is based on building an IT environment in the cloud and process automation. The goal is for a company like Europa Ubezpieczenia, focused on partnerships, to rely on agile processes supported by simple, easily modernizable, and scalable technology. This approach also enables us to scale our business and expand our activities beyond Poland to pan-European partnerships, which we develop under the HDI Embedded brand.

Why the need to use Autenti?
Electronic circulation of both internal and external documents is one element of our digital transformation. Autenti's platform has an excellent reputation and a well-documented API. We were looking for such a tool, as we needed a stable and efficient integration with the workflow processes we were building. The Autenti solution was introduced by integrating it with the BPM class system, which in our case is Webcon BPS. Our document circulation management platform supports most of Europa Ubezpieczenia's processes, and we were looking for solutions that would integrate easily with it. The implementation was accompanied by thorough legal and procedural workshops. We are an organization consisting of 2 companies: property and life insurance companies, which required a unique approach that the Autenti team constantly developed with us. We aim for the platform to process the majority of contracts and, if possible, to completely eliminate the traditional signature.

How did the work look before using the platform?
We had electronic signature tools, but without integration with our BPM systems. The electronic document signature was made using applications/portals that provide a specific qualified signature.

What benefits does the team see from implementing the Autenti platform?
The implementation of the Autenti platform, together with an appropriate add-on to Webcon BPS, allowed us to process documents continuously and completely (with the final electronic signature). We are at the stage of integrating with various business processes. We should soon see the first tangible benefits. We mainly count on savings resulting from shortening the service time and streamlining the document circulation process. We are pleased not only with the speed and ease of the signing process but also the ability to perform it from start to finish on our employees' mobile devices.

Which of the available functions are most useful?
The most frequently used Autenti functionality in our industry is the provided API. We also appreciate the possibility of integrating the tool with the MS Teams platform and conducting the entire document signing process on mobile devices.

Who uses the platform most often, and who uses qualified signatures?
We use the platform most intensively to sign various types of documents by the management board, the operational department, and the customer service department. The largest part of the signed documents consists of contracts, agreements, NDAs, and then financial statements and resolutions. Qualified signatures are mainly used in reporting and cooperation agreements. The main advantage of the e-signature over the traditional signature is the speed of signing by each party and reducing the costs associated with transporting the contract (e.g., courier), printing, or storing/archiving.

How do customers and contractors react to electronic signatures?
The electronic signature is already a standard expected by customers and partners. It's no wonder since it significantly accelerates and facilitates the process of concluding contracts, signing documents, or reports. The main benefit is shortening the time of document signing and the simplicity of the solution. The ability to use the platform through the mobile channel is also essential, especially when using a qualified signature.

Łukasz Zakrzewski, Corporate Sales Team Lead at Autenti adds: 
I proudly observe our cooperation with Europa Ubezpieczenia. During the implementation of the Autenti solution, there were intense workshops and experience exchanges, which allowed integrating the Webcon system - used by Europa Ubezpieczenia, with the Autenti Platform. Thanks to the trust and openness of both teams, the integration (provision) of e-signature is already saving time, and in the future, it will allow us to move away from paper completely. I am glad that Autenti can be part of this digital revolution and look forward to the next stages of our cooperation.