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Euvic Services among Autenti partners

Euvic Services, a member of the Euvic Group, has become a new partner of Autenti. Since 2014, the company has specialised in IT services, outsourcing teams and IT professionals and, more recently, HR outsourcing. The Autenti solution, used in all these processes, offers our customers comprehensive and secure solutions. We talk about the details of the partnership and the prospects of such cooperation with Tomasz Laszuk, CEO of Euvic Services. 

Euvic Services is a company of the Euvic Group that specialises in outsourcing services and dedicated teams. Currently, it is the largest entity in terms of employment in the group – with a total of more than 1.000 professionals. The company provides services in Poland and is currently developing sales operations abroad.

The reason and goal of the partnership with Autenti is to build a comprehensive offering for our customers in business processes and digital signatures based on Autenti – says the CEO of Euvic Services. Partnership and a combination of technologies enable us to address customer needs in digital transformation and document signing processes. The use of Autenti, integrated with our business process platform, has accelerated the process of signing documents from 3-4 days to 3-4 minutes.

Euvic Services, specialising in comprehensive IT projects such as dedicated systems, infrastructure management and user support services, as well as business process modelling and digitisation projects based on BPM platforms, sees vast potential for cooperation. Our e-signature solution addresses the full portfolio of Euvic Services customers as it is tailored to practically every vertical – Tomasz Laszuk adds.
It is worth noting that the company is not only a partner, but also a user of electronic signatures and Autenti platforms –We implemented the production solution for our own needs, which – in our scale – gives immediately noticeable operational effects. We have also built a DEMO environment for presentation purposes in offering our IT solutions. Customer interest is very high.

Maciej Hejnik, Business Development Manager of Autenti, adds: The partnership with Euvic Services amplifies the possibilities of using Autenti services in business processes. The joint use of our solutions not only digitises the process, but also dramatically shortens it and reduces the involvement of people.

Speaking about the circumstances surrounding this collaboration and its prospects, he explains: Together, we analysed possible scenarios for the use of Autenti's services in the processes provided to Euvic Services’ customers and found considerable room for cooperation. Autenti allows you to provide the customer with an automated end-to-end process for their needs. Euvic, as an effective and modern business partner, provides complementary services with those of Autenti – cooperation develops naturally. The purpose of our solutions aligns, and their joint use greatly facilitates and accelerates processes. I am very pleased to establish such a partnership; I believe that, together, we can make the world paperless.