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Hobly becomes a new partner of Autenti

Since 2019, Hobly has been offering effective and simple solutions for the most complex business problems and challenges. The Hobly team consists of experienced specialists for whom software development is not just a job, but also a passion and part of their DNA. The company tailors proven standards and tools to the individual needs of each client. We're talking to Krzysztof Borcz, CEO of Hobly, about the integration with Autenti, which turned out to be a natural outcome of our development.

We are enthusiasts of the Domain-Driven Design approach, hexagonal architecture, and agile methodology – says Krzysztof Borcz. From experience, we know that optimally designed processes and a well-selected working methodology allow projects to be executed quickly and transparently. That's why we create software using proven patterns and tools. We also take into account the complementarity with manufacturing and corporate processes.

What prompted the need to collaborate with Autenti?
The reason for establishing this relationship was driven by a client's needs. Hobly participated in a tender for the implementation of a customer portal for a large company in the financial industry. The company was also interested in digitizing and automating the entire onboarding and customer service process. We presented a solution and architecture using Autenti's e-signature. While we weren't partners at that time, choosing and recommending Autenti felt natural to us. Autenti is a leader in electronic signatures in our market. Furthermore, we had encountered Autenti during the implementation of solutions for other clients, and we knew how effectively both platforms could be integrated. Although we didn't win that specific tender, we gained something else valuable: a strong relationship and partnership with Autenti.

How does this collaboration unfold?
From the very first call and initial meetings, it was evident that the culture and work energy of our companies aligned remarkably well. Similarly, our business value propositions are in sync. Besides identity verification and electronic signatures provided by Autenti, clients have the opportunity for detailed verification of counterparties and customers through the platform offered by Hobly.

How do clients react to the joint offering?
In a short span of time, additional collaboration options have emerged. Conversations with various clients have revealed a significant interest in fully automating their processes. Even though this might not initially surface in inquiries or initial meetings, upon presenting the comprehensive possibilities that we can jointly offer, clients decide to implement the entire process.

With each new client, I increasingly sense that establishing this relationship was just a matter of time. The complementarity of our solutions is evident, and the philosophies of both companies align remarkably well.

What are the overarching goals of this partnership?
The primary goal is to offer the first comprehensive and internally complementary solution for securely digitizing the onboarding and customer management processes. In other words, a fully digital Know Your Customer/Business (KYC/B) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solution.

Through this partnership, clients receive a compatible solution that can be quickly implemented and integrated into their IT environment. This process comprises:

  • Credibility assessment = Hobly Platform
  • Electronic signature = Autenti E-signature

Our aim is for our clients, through this partnership, to not only receive a fully compatible and ready-to-implement solution but also to eliminate the need for them to piece together disjointed solutions and partial products from different providers in this domain.

What if the client has additional needs?
During the implementation of e-signatures or identity verification, the necessity often arises to support clients in enhancing their existing systems or building new IT systems. These services are provided by Hobly's experts. Thanks to our familiarity with Autenti's products, we are able to deliver business value faster and at a lower cost. This is an additional value derived from our partnership.

Karina Skrzypczak-Siemieniuk, Enterprise Business Development at Autenti, sums up the collaboration: By providing the possibility of electronically signing documents for the largest companies in Poland and Europe, we become a part of the organization's processes. This is a highly significant and sensitive component, albeit one piece in the broader puzzle of business. Hobly is a partner that adds crucial elements to the Know Your Customer/Business and Anti-Money Laundering processes, enhancing the jointly delivered value. Besides, working with Krzysztof and his team is an absolute pleasure.