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How to convince contractors to sign documents electronically?

Even though the vast majority of contracts sent via Autenti are successfully signed, some of our clients are asked by their contractors (customers, suppliers, employees) why they should sign a contract electronically when they can sign it on paper or send it as a scan. Below are some arguments that will help you successfully convince your contractors that an electronically signed document is a great solution.

1. An electronically signed document is lawful and binding

The most important point is the guarantee for a signatory that this way of signing documents is lawful and binding. Signing a document via Autenti meets the requirements of maintaining a document form, and with the use of a qualified electronic signature, also an electronic form. In turn, the electronic form is equivalent to the written form.

However, it's important to remember that certain types of documents require a specific form. Otherwise, the document may be invalid (e.g. a contract for a specific work with the transfer of copyright). It's worth checking whether the document to be signed has specific requirements in this respect.

2. Documents signed via Autenti are secure

The security of documents signed via Autenti is implemented on several levels. The first one is document integrity, i.e. a guarantee that no data contained in the document will be changed after it's signed. Once a document is sent for signature, there is no possibility for the sender or the recipient to edit its content. After signing, a certificate is attached to the document, which guarantees its integrity.

Another important security aspect is the storage of signed documents. Each Autenti user has access to an encrypted archive in the cloud, where all signed documents are stored. Only parties to the contract can access them. Thanks to the Autenti archive, the risk of losing signed documents is reduced to a minimum. It's also possible to download signed contracts as pdf files to a computer disk, USB stick or to send them by e-mail.

3. Contracts can be signed faster

Signing a contract electronically is much faster than on paper. The contract doesn't need to be printed and the wording on the individual copies doesn't need to be compared. In the case of electronic documents, the signatories sign exactly the same version of the document.

Where signing a document on paper would require individual copies to be sent by post or courier, the signing time gets reduced even further. Contracts signed via Autenti are available for signature by either party within seconds of being sent, and the signature can be made using a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

A seemingly quick process could be achieved by printing, signing and sending a scan of the document, but we advise against this solution. While this may be quicker and cheaper than sending documents by post, we need to be aware of certain disadvantages of scanning contracts (find out more about the differences between scanning a document and signing it electronically).

4. Autenti electronic signature is more convenient

To sign a document electronically on the Autenti platform, it's not necessary to create an account on the platform, and the signature can be made using a laptop, smartphone or tablet with Internet access. Interestingly, approx. 1/3 of documents signed on the Autenti platform are done using mobile devices. Using Autenti doesn't require any additional equipment.

5. Autenti is free to use by signatories

From the perspective of the signatory, who would have to send the signed documents by post or courier, e-signature is definitely cheaper. There is no cost for posting or printing the document. In addition, Autenti is 100% free for the recipient of the document and doesn't require setting up an account.


We hope we've convinced you of the benefits of signing documents online. If not, and if you have further doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer them.