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Autenti / Blog / Medicover in cooperation with Autenti implements an electronic signature for medical service providers

Medicover in cooperation with Autenti implements an electronic signature for medical service providers

Medicover, as the first in the medical market in Poland, decided to implement the service of signing documents online. They chose our platform for this purpose. At the beginning, the tool will be used to sign contracts with medical service providers. 

Medicover chose this area due to the constantly growing number of suppliers and dynamic development of cooperation with existing partners, which is connected with a large number of documents prepared and signed on both sides. Each year there are several thousand of them in just one process. After the first weeks of cooperation with us, Medicover signs over half of the contracts with new suppliers on Autenti. And this number is still growing. Thanks to the electronic signature, the internal circulation of documents has been shortened by as much as two weeks, which is an additional value in a situation where Medicover outlets and departments responsible for contacts with suppliers are scattered all over the country.

The department of medical service providers cooperates with over 2700 medical service providers. We have a dispersed organizational structure to be closer and faster to our partners. The conclusion of contracts with medical service providers in the traditional model was time-consuming. The shipping of documents generated significant costs and did not ensure that they would be delivered on time. It also happened that our documents did not reach suppliers because traditional postal services failed. Moreover, the previous process involved staff on both sides, e.g. to collect and segregate documents, scan signed contracts, send them back, etc. - says Karolina Akusz, Deputy Director of Medical Service Providers at Medicover - The process of signing documents online ensures faster access to medical services for patients and builds a positive image of our company, which is reliable and, what is important nowadays, innovative.

The documents can be signed on any device (telephone, computer, tablet) and from any place with Internet access. The provider of medical services, i.e. the person signing the document granted by Medicover, does not bear any costs related to the process.

The Autenti team is constantly watching Medicover's experiences and processes. We have implemented a specific solution for our Partner, but our cooperation does not end there. We assist Medicover employees in the development of the e-signature service both in the Purchasing Department and in other areas of their business. We work together to develop solutions to make the signing process even more efficient. Some of them will find their applications in the near future, which makes us very happy and shows what a mature organization we are dealing with here. The form of signing e-signature contracts is a much needed solution in the area of medical services, in particular in cooperation with contractors or employees operating throughout the country. - says Tomasz Plata, CMO and co-founder of Autenti. - We are glad that Medicover trusted Autenti as the first in such a difficult, because exceptionally competitive market. - adds Plata.

I am convinced that the use of e-signature functionality will bring a lot of satisfaction and convenience to both our employees and medical partners, and will significantly shorten the time needed to finalise the process of introducing changes to our agreements. We look forward to the next stages of cooperation with Autenti. - adds Karolina Akusz.

We are also very happy about this partnership. We appreciate that Medicover turned out to be a company with a vision and openness to modern solutions such as signing documents online. It is the first company on the medical market to do so.