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mObywatel at BROKER ID Autenti

We are in the digital era, where rapid and reliable identity verification is becoming a crucial matter in many business processes. BROKER ID, a platform for remote identity verification, is not slowing down and introduces new solutions tailored to current user needs. One of these is the identification method using the mObywatel app

Table of Contents

1. What is BROKER ID?
2. What is the mObywatel app?
3. Implementation process of the identification method using mObywatel
4. What data will you obtain from BROKER ID using the mObywatel app?
5. Benefits for your business

What is BROKER ID?

BROKER ID is a platform for online identity verification. It uses identification methods available on the market and enables their precise adaptation to the specific needs of business processes. It guarantees fast, safe, and entirely remote customer data confirmation, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings.


What is the mObywatel app?

mObywatel is a free app that allows access to key documents, such as an identity card or driving licence. It enables browsing of data for identity verification, e.g. in places like banks.

Data transfer service from the mObywatel app

Thanks to the mObywatel jej użytkownik może szybko przekazać dane podmiotowi prywatnemu lub publicznemu, np. w usłudze onsite. They are credible because they are confirmed by public authorities. Thanks to this service, the entity can also cryptographically verify the mObywatel document (operating under the business name mDowód).


Implementation process of the identification method using mObywatel

Here are the steps to implement BROKER ID  BROKER ID & mObywatel in your enterpise:

1. Apply for access to the service
Submit the application on mObywatel website. In the application, select the set of data the organisation will use. Indicate the purposes for which the data will be used. Finally, sign an agreement with the Chancellery of the Prime Minister - noting collaboration with Autenti as the technological partner for the implementation.

We provide support during discussions with the Ministry of Digitalisation


2. Integration with mObywatel (in the client's infrastructure or Autenti)

3. Integration of  mObywatel with the BROKER ID platform

4. Integration of the BROKER ID platform with Client systems (optional)


What data will you obtain from BROKER ID using the mObywatel?

With the mObywatel service, you will acquire, among others:

  • Full name
  • PESEL number (national identification number)
  • Date and place of birth
  • ID card number, along with its expiry date and issuing body
  • Photograph

Benefits for your organisation

By implementing BROKER ID, your organisation not only gains a technological tool but also a range of business benefits. Here are the main advantages of our solution:

  • Acquire and verify the data you need
  • Save time and resources of your organisation
  • Operate in compliance with legal requirements
  • Prevent fraud and abuses
  • Build trust with digital identity confirmation of BROKER ID

Build trust with digital identity confirmation BROKER ID