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More than 4.5 thousand customers and 4.5 million documents for signature - we have summarized the results and present Autenti’s upcoming strategic goals

The next investment round is also the next phase of our company's development. Now is a good moment to summarize the results thus far and touch on our plans for the future.

More than 4.5 thousand customers and 4.5 million documents sent for signing - this data should not be ignored. More importantly, the level of customer satisfaction according to the CSAT index (customer satisfaction survey, August 2022) is as high as 93%. Autenti is growing at an exponential rate, as well as the team - since January 2020, the number of employees has increased by more than 3 times.

What does the third round of funding (Series B) mean for Autenti? We are implementing another crucial phase in the company's development. We want Autenti to be the first choice platform for European entrepreneurs looking for comprehensive solutions in the areas of e-signatures and identification methods. Thanks to the procured funds, we will speed up our sales and marketing plans in European countries. We will also acquire new suppliers and expand the partnership program - says Grzegorz Wójcik, Autenti CEO & Co-Founder.

Autenti supports and optimizes the daily operations of enterprises by offering them a functional and flexible platform for digital signing and document workflow. Over the last three years, the number of customers has increased at record breaking speed from 240 to 4 500. The list of Autenti partners is steadily getting longer. We already have nearly a dozen clients from the banking sector alone, and among them are BNP Paribas Bank, Alior Bank, PKO Bank Polski, Bank Millennium, Toyota Bank, IKANO Bank, Credit Agricole, Santander Bank and Bank BPS. Our partners include companies such as: Microsoft, EY, ROSSMANN, Decathlon, InfoCert, PWPW, Siemens, PGE, Medicover, PZPN, techsoup, Netia, and Asseco.

Most important Autenti data and results (Jan 2020 - Aug 2022):

Number of paying customers: 240 → 4 355

Number of European markets where Autenti is operating: 1 → 5

Number of languages available on the platform: 1 → 11 (Polish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Dutch, French, Ukrainian, Russian)

Number of countries where users are using the Autenti platform: 7 → 110

Autenti platform - number of countries

The European e-signature market still has enormous potential. - Perceptive platform users have certainly noticed this potential since this year we are present in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain. However, this is just a prelude to our full presence in Europe. We have recently announced that by the end of 2023, we will support all of the languages in Europe. Currently we offer 11 of them, and the following countries where we plan to be present will certainly be Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, France and Italy - comments Tomek Plata, our VP & Co-Founder

Autenti platform - number of lenguages

Autenti’s most important values are speed, convenience, security and ecology, which are directly tied to our “paperless” philosophy.  In just the first half of 2022 with the support of Autenti solutions, we managed to save:

  • 1 355 trees,
  • 13 551 337 liters of water,
  • 1 463 544 COcarbon dioxide emissions

Autenti - Ecofriendly

So what are Autenti's plans for the future?  - Over the next 3 years, Autenti intends to increase its customer base by 7 times. This is ambitious, but as we have shown through previous years, these goals are within our reach. Keep your fingers crossed for us! - says Grzegorz Wójcik.