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Nexpertis joins the group of Autenti partners

Nexpertis is a group of experienced business consultants and, at the same time, another collaboration between Autenti and the company, which is a WEBCON Premium Partner. 

The Nexpertis team helps its clients take full advantage of digital transformation mechanisms by optimising processes and implementing systems. One of them is the integration of document circulation at WEBCON BPS with the participation of Autenti. Thanks to the combination of solutions, customers can finalise contracts more effectively and efficiently.

“Nexpertis conducts digitisation and process optimisation projects for many large companies. In almost every case, electronic signature – including qualified signature – is an important element of digital transformation”, says Michał Borowski, CEO of Nexpertis, who emphasises: “We have entered into cooperation with Autenti because this tool addresses the needs of our clients to a great extent, is perfectly suited for integration, and features outstanding support. These are key factors for successful implementation”.

Karina Skrzypczak-Siemieniuk, responsible for taking care of key customers in the Enterprise segment, adds: “Working with the largest customers, I know how important it is to look at the bigger picture. Providing trust services in this context must be connected with the business ecosystem in the organisation, interact with solutions already existing in the company and support them. Nexpertis fits perfectly into this strategy – we have a similar understanding of the customer’s point of view and the path to follow to deliver the expected value“.