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Remotely signing a leasing contract – how is this done?

Qualified signatures are already commonplace in many companies, which is why it is no surprise that this type of signature also popped up in the leasing industry. How can you remotely sign a leasing contract? What are the advantages of using a qualified signature for a leasing contract?

Qualified signature for a leasing contract

Leasing contracts can be signed remotely when using a qualified signature. This is a solution that lets you completely digitize the entire process of signing leasing contracts, and therefore avoid the need to physically exchange documents between the dealer, customer and financing party.

What are the most important advantages when using a qualified signature for a leasing contract?

● Convenience

A client can sign a leasing contract online anywhere and on any device as long as they have access to the internet.

● High level of security

All signed documents are stored in an encrypted format. This means that signing a leasing contractremotely is completely safe. Additionally, the entire process takes place in accordance with the GDPR.

● Flexibility

The entire process of signing a leasing contract from a distance can be personalized and be adapted to the client’s needs. For example, the service can be integrated with the company's CRM system.

● Versatility

The client can sign a leasing contract with a qualified signature that the platform supports. If they do not have this signature, Autenti can issue a one-time qualified electronic signature.

Leasing agreement – which documents can be signed remotely?

Parties that conclude an online leasing contract can confirm various documents with a qualified signature that are available within this process. This concerns document flow between:

● the supplier and the user (e.g. accordance with the GDPR, user identification by the provider)

● the supplier and the financing party (e.g. a purchase agreement, declaration of issuing VIN, transmission protocol)

● financing party and users (e.g. power of attorney to conclude a leasing agreement, leasing agreement, acceptance protocol, leasing application)

Online leasing contract – how does it work?

1. Create a document

It is the responsibility of the financing entity to create a PDF document. When this type of document is created it must be sent for signature via API.

2. Getting familiar with the document’s content

When the document is sent to all interested parties they have the chance to read through its content.

3. Issuing a qualified certificate

The next step is to issue a qualified certificate, which is necessary for signing. The signer must first undergo a video verification in order to receive a certificate. The entire process takes a few seconds when issuing a certificate on the basis of the AML method. It should be noted that the certificate is issued only to those who do not have their own signature creation tool.

4. Signing a contract

The client can sign the document once they receive the certificate. Autenti also makes it possible for many people to sign the document after it is sent out, which means that there will be no problems when companies with multiple representation sign.

5. Finalizing a contract

After all parties sign the contract it is then sent to all interested parties. As you can see, the entire process of signing a leasing contract remotely is very simple and the company’s clients do not accrue any costs during this process. Clients also do not have to set up special accounts or install additional software.