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Socialtag agency signs agreements 10 times faster and 5 times cheaper thanks to Autenti

Work with interactive agencies is becoming for some time now a new Autenti’s realm. The owners of this type of businesses are prone to new technological solutions, such as electronic signature, and above all, they hold in high regard time savings and money savings in various spheres of action (this link shall direct you to 13 cases of using Autenti in a marketing agency). None of the interactive agencies may afford a delay in signing agreements, which are indispensable for co-operating with client. This is so for a simple reason – there is a risk, that client, usually young and dynamic, discouraged by too much paperwork shall take advantage of competitor’s offer. Today, we shall describe you the story of our co-operation with Socialtag, the agency providing comprehensive services of marketing campaigns with the use of micro-influencers and influential people, in general. Its campaigns tend to weave relationships between the consumers, Internet personalities and brands. The nature of the Socialtag business activity requires the signing of hundreds of co-operation agreements monthly. Was it not for the Autenti electronic signature, the processes at Socialtag would have drag along much slower.

You can start just once

While preparing for commencing own business activity, the Socialtag founders were very fast in getting to know, that doing business, of which one of the main processes is concluding co-operation agreements, paperwork is a complete misunderstanding.


With Autenti, we are working from the very start of the Socialtag’s existence. We could not imagine another possibility. I would be frank in saying that with no integration with platform for concluding agreements through the Internet, we would have never got started with our start-up. – revealed to us the Socialtag CTO Jarosław Jakubowski.

The Socialtag owners very rapidly started thinking in the categories of scale (“when shall we be 10 times bigger?”, “do we have ready-made processes for such scale of action?”). The designing of processes so that they would be effective at 10, 100 or 1000 agreements per months was a must for the Socialtag success. Therefore, electronic signature has proven to be for them such a useful thing.


Scaling of our business with no improved solution for agreements, which does the job 100% online would have been very difficult. Already at the threshold of 1000 agreements to be signed per month, the situation would have become critical. We could not afford losing time, not to mention even the piles of paper, elevated costs of their dispatch, and of storage at the end – goes on Jarosław Jakubowski.

10 times faster, 5 times cheaper

Socialtag, by implementing marketing campaigns for its clients, is signing with hundreds of influencers contracts of commission. The agreements are being sent over for signing through the Autenti platform. The using of documents signed electronically generates some enormous savings for the company and is the only form of concluding co-operation agreements. Given that scale of activity, the transparency and clear-cut rules are of key importance.


I dare say that due to Autenti solution, we are signing agreements ten times faster and five times cheaper, than we would have done so, while adhering to paper form. – the CTO Socialtag informed us. – Nowadays we are working on the spot. There will be no influencer’s participation in a campaign, if he shall not sing the agreement electronically. Once he does that, we change his status and at we are start off our co-operation instantaneously. For us waiting several days for a client’s signature is just incomprehensible. Thanks to Autenti this problem is now gone.

Are there any questions?

It turns out that none of the Socialtag clients so far had any problems with concluding agreement through the Internet. Jarosław Jakubowski says, that for influencers co-operating with his agency such manner of signing documents is natural. There were very few people asking, whether agreement signed online is for sure binding. After explaining legal issues, they accepted this manner of signing rapidly (get familiar with the most frequent anxieties in connection with using e-signature in business). This shows that the awareness of new technologies and modern business solutions among young people in Poland is really very high. We must admit that we are happy about it, and that it is good news for the future. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the Socialtag business, just as for any firms, which are using our solutions!