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The Lettly Agency opts for the Autenti solution

The Lettly agency, which creates engaging campaigns with the help of influencers, chose Autenti because it values modern, convenient and many beneficial solutions. Established in 2015, the company works with internet creators to help brands engage with clients with the support of influencers. We talked to Zuzanna Śleszyńska, the creative director and co-founder of Lettly. Check out what she told us about the changes brought about by the introduction of electronic signatures to the company.

Why did you decide to introduce the Autenti solution to Lettly?

We have an influencer marketing agency, which means there are MANY CONTRACTS. We were already exhausted with paperwork and sending everything by courier, thus the decision.

What did Autenti’s introduction to the company look like?

Of course, we delayed it a bit too long ;), but the process turned out to be extremely simple, we just had to make up our minds. Then we did a quick training and informed the accountant how the signing of contracts would look like from now on. The vast majority of contractors had absolutely no problem understanding the mechanism and quickly got used to using the new solution. We now only sign paper contracts in individual cases.

What are the benefits of deciding to use an online contract platform? Are you already seeing savings in time and money?

There are a whole sea of benefits. We don't waste time printing or sending letters. We save on paper, toners and couriers. Additionally, everything is in one place and we can immediately check if the document is signed, so nothing is lost. During the times of covid, Autenti turned out to be a lifeline because not everyone in the home-office had a printer and easy access to couriers. I also use the app very often when I'm on the run - this option is also very important. The application for both the desktop and the phone is very intuitive.

Tell me, how did your clients react to the e-signature?

The vast majority have absolutely no problem with it. Of course, some of them require a bit of a longer explanation, but there really hasn’t been any drama.