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Top 6 benefits of signing documents via Autenti

Autenti is a platform for signing documents online. We offer free electronic signature for private use and secure e-signature for companies. Companies can take advantage of a 14-day free trial period, without any obligations. Learn the six key benefits that Autenti's electronic signature gives to its clients.


  1. Save time
  2. Save money
  3. Sign whenever and wherever you want
  4. Your documents are secure
  5. You act in accordance with legal requirements
  6. Versatile use


Save time

Thanks to Autenti, you do not waste time on printing, sending or archiving documents. You do not stand in the queue at the post office. You do not wait for the courier to arrive. You send documents for signature via Internet. Immediately, just a few seconds after creating an your account on our platform.


Save money

Documents that you send via Autenti do not need a postage stamp or a waybill - you sign their electronic version. They do not have to be printed. They can be archived on your private drive in Autenti. The more documents you send, the more money you save. Use Autenti without any restrictions, from 20 PLN per month.


Sign whenever and wherever you want

The Autenti platform is just as convenient on a smartphone as it is on a computer. It allows you to sign documents electronically everywhere, 24/7. All you need is internet connection. Thanks to this, your clients, employees and suppliers can read the document at a convenient time.


Your documents are secure

Autenti gives you the security you need. You can verify the identity of people who are signing documents. Each document is given the Autenti certificate with information on when and by whom it was signed. All signed documents are stored in your private electronic archive with a capacity of up to 15GB.


You act in accordance with the requirements

Documents signed by Autenti are legal, so you can be sure that contracts with your clients or contractors contained on the platform are binding. Autenti effectively acts as a trusted third party and provides evidential value (Autenti Certificates can be used as evidence in court cases).


Versatile use

Autenti can be used to sign almost any document or contract in any area of ​​business. In sales, purchases, administration or HR department. Examples of documents that you can sign with Autenti are: contracts with clients, contracts with contractors, contracts for specific tasks, contracts of mandate, confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, orders, lease agreements, delivery and acceptance protocol and many others.