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Electronic signature software

With Autenti, your company will find everything it needs: electronic signing and workflow management, online personal identification - all in one place.

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Electronic signature validator

Signing documents that have already been signed

Uploading multiple files at once

Qualified signatures

ZIP files with SMS code

The role of the reviewer

Qualified timestamp

Signature card

Automatic file conversion to pdf format

requires add-on purchase

requires add-on purchase

Date of comparison: 11.01.2024


What should you pay attention to when choosing an electronic signature program for your organization?

If you are looking for the most suitable electronic signature program for your organization, it is important to balance several important factors. Consider how often and how many documents you send. If you need to send many documents at once, the bulk file upload feature will be crucial. Also check whether the program can handle large attachments, which is important if you regularly attach large files to your documents. Remember to pay attention to legal compliance and the ability to identify and validate the identity of your contractors.

Can I try out the signing platform before I decide to buy?

Autenti offers a 14-day free trial so you can fully test our platform. The PRO account trial will allow you to get an overview of all the features of our solution to help you make an informed decision on the possible purchase.

How much does it cost to use electronic signatures?

Current package prices are available on the Autenti Platform Price List website

What tools and features make Autenti stand out?

Autenti stands out on the market thanks to its comprehensive approach to electronic document signing and management. Our solutions allow you to conveniently manage documentation from any corner of the world. We offer advanced personal identification online, which ensures the security and reliability of the entire process. In addition, we have a wide range of electronic signature providers. And our services are fully compliant with applicable European Union legal regulations, which gives our clients confidence that their documents are legally binding and meet all formal requirements.

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