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Autenti partners with Veridas to develop the digital ID ecosystem in Europe

Autenti, a trailblazer in the European Digital Signature and Identity Service arena, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Veridas, a global leader in digital identity verification. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing the robustness and inclusivity of Autenti's digital identity ecosystem, particularly focusing on the expansion of its eID platform, BROKER ID.

Strengthening eID solutions with Veridas' expertise

Veridas, recognized for its sophisticated biometric and digital identity verification technologies, aligns with Autenti's commitment to offering secure and user-friendly, fully automated digital identity solutions. This collaboration signifies a strategic enhancement to Autenti's eID marketplace, ensuring a broader range of options for secure and efficient identity verification.

"We are pleased to welcome Veridas into our eID ecosystem. Their proven track record in providing advanced identity verification solutions complements our mission to deliver top-notch and versatile eID services," said Marco Gouw, Western Europe Sales Director at Autenti.

“Veridas' commitment to enhancing the Autenti eID marketplace with cutting-edge biometric technology strengthens our foothold in new markets. This partnership promises enhanced security and efficiency, enriching digital experiences for users across Europe'' said Ignacio del Castillo, Strategic Partnerships Director at Veridas.

Autenti's eID service: driving forward digital identification

The addition of Veridas in 2024, alongside other European solutions and providers added to the platform in 2023, like global solutions IDNow, Authologic mObywatel, mojeID, and BankID, will contribute to a growing ecosystem. Only last year there was a record increase of 280% in the number of requested identifications through Autenti's eID service. This growth underscores the platform's effectiveness in meeting the diverse identification needs of users across Europe.

Autenti's eID service, BROKER ID, is tailored to empower businesses with a secure and streamlined identification process. By offering a range of verification methods and fostering trust in digital interactions, Autenti's eID service is instrumental in protecting businesses from online fraud and expediting transaction processes.

Looking ahead: a future defined by digital trust and efficiency

The collaboration between Autenti and Veridas is a synergistic alliance aimed at reshaping the landscape of digital identity services in the region. As Autenti continues to innovate and expand its digital trust services, the integration of Veridas's expertise is a pivotal step in ensuring that the digital interactions of tomorrow are anchored in security, compliance, and unparalleled efficiency.

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