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Autenti significantly expands its range of qualified signatures

With the expansion of our list of qualified signature providers, our clients can now benefit from an even broader array of electronic signatures, which streamlines document circulation on a global scale. Minimizing the need for email exchanges of signed documents is particularly crucial in international processes.

Grzegorz Wójcik, CEO of Autenti, on new capabilities

"2023 was a breakthrough year for us. At Autenti, we are building one of the largest trust service ecosystems in Europe, which translates into comprehensive support for document workflow and identity verification processes. As a technology provider, our goal is to save time and optimize costs for our clients, which we achieve through an extensive network of partnerships and technological integrations."

21 qualified signature providers from all over Europe

Autenti offers direct integration with 21 popular qualified signature providers, both cloud-based and on physical devices. Among them are Autenti by InfoCert, SimplySign, mSzafir, Audkenni, Belgian ID card, certSIGN USB token, CertEurope USB token, Croatian ID Card, D-Trust sign-me, Estonian ID card, Estonian Mobile-ID, Evrotrust, Finnish ID card, Latvian eParaksts Mobile, Latvian ID card, Lithuanian ID card, Lithuanian Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, TransSped, Uanataca and ZealID app.

Simple and secure signing process

Signing documents using one of the 21 integrated signatures is exceptionally simple and secure. This process takes place within the platform, eliminating the need to use external services or additional software.

Security at the highest level

In Autenti, security is the foundation of trust. Therefore, every document sent back to the platform is verified by our e-signature validator. This guarantees that each document is exactly what the client approves.