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Celebrating innovation and collaboration at A-Trust Sommerfest 2024

The picturesque Palm House in Vienna recently hosted A-Trust Sommerfest 2024, a vibrant gathering of key players in the DACH trust services ecosystem. The Autenti team had the honour of attending this dynamic event, which combined an engaging evening party with a morning workshop for partners. This dual-format event provided an excellent platform for learning, networking, and discussing the latest advancements in digital signatures and trust services.

The morning workshop was a cornerstone of the event, offering valuable insights into the upcoming eIDAS 2.0 legislation and exploring industry growth barriers and catalysts. These sessions deepened our understanding of clients' needs and challenges and fostered discussions on innovative use cases for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES). Key highlights of the workshop included:

1. Insights into eIDAS 2.0 legislation

Understanding the new regulations and their implications for the industry was crucial. The workshop provided a comprehensive overview of the upcoming changes, helping us prepare for the adjustments needed to comply with these regulations.

2. Growth barriers and catalysts

Identifying challenges and opportunities for expansion within the trust services sector was another significant focus. The discussions highlighted common obstacles faced by companies and explored potential solutions and strategies to overcome them, facilitating growth and innovation.

3. Innovative use cases for QES

Exploring new applications and solutions for Qualified Electronic Signatures was particularly enlightening. Various use cases were presented, demonstrating how QES can be integrated into different business processes to enhance security and efficiency.


The evening portion of the Sommerfest was equally enriching, providing an informal yet impactful setting for networking and collaboration. Held in the scenic Palm House, the event facilitated meaningful exchanges between industry peers, strengthening the community that continually pushes the boundaries of digital trust. A heartfelt thank you goes to the A-Trust team for organising such a successful and inspiring event, highlighting the importance of trust and collaboration in our field.

Being part of A-Trust Sommerfest 2024 was invaluable for the Autenti team. It reinforced our commitment to advancing digital trust services and underscored the importance of community and collaboration. We look forward to the future possibilities this partnership holds and are eager to continue contributing to innovation and growth within the DACH region. For those interested in the latest developments in digital signatures and trust services, we welcome you to reach out and join us on this exciting journey.