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Autenti / Blog / Forest Under the Christmas Tree - a Joint Initiative of Autenti x Las Na Zawsze Foundation

Forest Under the Christmas Tree - a Joint Initiative of Autenti x Las Na Zawsze Foundation

In this special festive season, Autenti has decided to embark on an unconventional path of gift-giving. Instead of traditional presents, we chose something unique and lasting. This year, we gifted our partners with a forest under the Christmas tree – specifically, a part of forest biodiversity and nature.

On behalf of our clients and partners, we have protected over 1,400m² of mature, biodiverse forest in Łapczyca. This gift is our way of thanking them for their support and dedication to our joint #paperless mission, made possible through collaboration with the Las Na Zawsze Foundation.


Located near Krakow, the “Forever Forest” in Łapczyca is a unique ecosystem filled with a variety of trees. A portion of this forest, safeguarded by our initiative, is now perpetually shielded from deforestation and commercial exploitation. The exact location of the forest can be found under this link.

Importantly, the “Forever Forest” in Łapczyca is open to everyone. We invite you to visit and directly experience your piece of the forest. This isn't just an opportunity to enjoy nature, but also a testament to our tangible contribution towards environmental protection.


Our campaign with the Las Na Zawsze Foundation also serves as an invitation for others to join us. Supporting such initiatives makes for a perfect gift, not only during the holiday season but throughout the year. For more information about the Foundation's activities, visit: link.

At Autenti, we believe in everyone's role in creating a better world, fostering relationships where business and ecological responsibilities align.

About the Foundation:
Established in 2019, the Las Na Zawsze Foundation returns land to nature in two ways: by protecting mature, existing forest ecosystems of high natural value and creating new, biodiverse deciduous forests.
The “Forever Forests” are not used for logging and are left to develop freely with future generations in mind. They are open and accessible to all, dedicated to serving nature, an integral part of which is humanity, not the economy.