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Handy-Signatur changes to ID Austria

Handy-Signatur changes to ID Austria! Learn how to transition to the new solution, use digital services, and use e-signatures to grow your business.

Table of Contents:

1. What is Handy-Signatur?
2. What is ID Austria?
3. How to Transition from Handy-Signatur to ID Austria?
4. ID Austria and Handy Signature in Business

What is Handy-Signatur?

Handy-Signatur is a qualified electronic signature available in Austria, which enabled users to access various egovernment services and sign documents digitally

The Handy-Signatur is linked to a mobile phone number and allows for legally binding signing of official documents without the need for printing and traditional hand-signing.

Support for Handy-Signatur ended on December 5, 2023. This means that from this date onwards, the use of eGovernment and eServices in Austria require an ID Austria.

What is ID Austria?

ID Austria is the modern successor to Handy-Signatur, enabling secure online identity verification in Austria. With ID Austria, users can access a wide range of digital services, such as government administration and electronic signatures.. This solution is ideal for both everyday personal matters and business activities. ID Austria is available free of charge to all Austrian citizens and permanent residents.

How to Transition from Handy-Signatur to ID Austria?

The transition from Handy-Signatur to ID Austria is simple and intuitive. When logging into egovernment services using their accounts, users will be redirected to a website where they can upgradetheir existing certificate to a new one in a few steps. Users who have used Handy-Signatur for qualified electronic signatures can continue to do so using the A-Trust signature App for second factor authentication.

ID Austria and Handy Signature in Business

Now that you understand the differences between ID Austria and Handy Signature, it's time to elevate your document workflow with a solution like Autenti.

With the Autenti e-signature platform, you can use ID Austria and Handy Signature Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) to send, sign, and archive documents—all within a single place. Autenti offers advanced security measures essential for today's digital business environment.

Autenti users benefit from a variety of features designed to make document signing quicker and easier compared to traditional paper processes:

User roles

In Autenti, you get to choose whether the recipient will sign, approve, or just view the document. This flexibility ensures that all necessary stakeholders are involved in the workflow according to their roles and responsibilities, streamlining the document signing process.


Automatic Statuses

Autenti provides automatic status updates, keeping all parties informed about the current stage of the document. You can easily track whether the document has been sent, viewed, signed, or completed. This transparency helps prevent delays and ensures everyone is on the same page.



To ensure timely completion of document signing, Autenti has a built-in reminder feature. You can set automatic reminders for recipients to sign or review the document, reducing the chances of missed deadlines and expediting the workflow.


All e-signatures in one place

With Autenti, you can easily mix and match various e-signature types, such as advanced e-signatures with easy online identity verification, alongside over 170 different qualified e-signatures across the EU. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for businesses operating in multiple countries, ensuring compliance with various regional regulations.


You can try out electronic signing with Autenti completely for free for 14 days. 


Experience the convenience, security, and efficiency of managing your document workflows digitally.