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How to archive documents without paper in a safe way?

The Autenti platform provides answers to the question of how to archive electronic documents in a safe and convenient way. Each document signed on the platform meets the requirements of a durable medium. This means a guarantee of integrity and availability, which are the basis for responsible online contracting. See why storing electronic documents on the Autenti platform is not only convenient but also safe. 

The changes in the law introduced in recent years make it possible to slowly do away with paper in business. Most contracts and documents in business circulation can be in electronic format, and more and more documents can also be digitized. For example, from as of 1 January 2019 electronic employee files can replace traditional HR documentation. 

Therefore, electronic documents are increasingly more popular more convenient, cheaper and more eco-friendly as compared to paper circulation. Both the digitization of old documents and the creation of new documents, however, require more than just the electronic signature. 

It is also important that the contracts signed are:

  1. properly secured against the possibility of making changes; 
  2. available to the interested and authorized parties also in the future; 
  3. stored in a secure manner that adequately protects the data against unauthorized access.

Autenti offers great convenience, but also provides all three of the above features. The first two points mean that the electronic documents signed and archived on the platform meet the legal requirements of a durable medium and, if necessary, they can be used before court or available for use by another government authority. The third one is a guarantee of security, which, as in the first two cases, is protected by advanced and reliable technological solutions. 

Integrity of archived electronic documents

Sometimes, electronic documents raise doubts as to whether their content has changed after they were signed. The integrity guarantee is the first level of security for documents signed and stored by Autenti. When a document is submitted for signature, neither the sender nor the addressee can edit its content. 

After signing, an electronic seal is applied based on a qualified certificate. It confirms that the document has been sent and signed through a trusted platform. It also ensures that both parties have signed the contract in the same form. 

At the same time, a signature card is also assigned to each electronic document. It provides information on who, when and with what signature approved the document (learn more about, the difference between an electronic signature and a qualified electronic signature). It also contains data such as ID of the document, which allows you to check its authenticity. 

How to archive documents so that they are easily accessible by authorized people?

The Autenti platform also meets the second requirement for a durable medium, i.e. the availability of stored electronic documents for both parties, thanks to a service that does not depend on either of them. 

Authorized individuals can open or download files at any time and from any device connected to the Internet. Remote access makes it possible to check at what stage the contracts are at any time. 

Autenti also enables convenient archiving of electronic documents on a selected personal medium. They can be downloaded as a .pdf file to a computer, pendrive or other cloud drive (incl. Google Drive or OneDrive) and sent (also automatically) to a specific email address (e.g. company archive). Importantly, no matter how many copies the signed document is stored in, each of them is valid and has the power of the original, as long as it features the Autenti certificate.

How to archive documents and be sure that nothing is lost?

In a traditional archive, something can go wrong and sometimes there is a lack of order, so it may be difficult to find the required document quickly. Electronic archiving on the Autenti platform eliminates the above inconveniences. 

Each user can store thousands of documents in their account, which can be easily searched for by various properties, such as the title of the document or the name and data of the recipient. For convenience purposes, the search can also be narrowed down to specific dates. 

In addition, nothing will be lost with Autenti. Even if some electronic documents archived in the company's resources are lost, due to a failure for instance, they can always be re-downloaded from the account on the platform.

Why is it safe to store electronic documents with Autenti?

Documents signed online are stored in a way that protects data against unauthorized access. The servers used by Autenti are located only in the European Union, which means that the European law applies to data management. The risk of losing signed documents is also minimized thanks to the use of modern technological solutions.

Each user of the platform has access to an encrypted, cloud-based archive with their electronic documents. Autenti encrypts data with a 256-bit key, which means that every character in the text is transformed 14 times. The security level is also increased by the use of advanced cryptographic algorithms, thanks to which the cipher is extremely difficult to break.

The platform uses the prestigious Premium EV SSL certificate, which guarantees the highest level of security and trust for websites. It is used by government, financial and insurance institutions and banks, as well as large corporation websites, auction and social networking sites as well as prestigious online shops.