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Qualified signatures from Evrotrust, D-Trust sign-me and more now available on the Autenti platform

Thanks to a collaboration with eID Easy, Autenti has expanded its platform offering with 17 new qualified signature providers. The leader in the field of electronic document signing and remote identification is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with eID Easy, an innovative integrator of electronic identification technology.

Previously, the qualified signature offer included signatures from three providers: Autenti by InfoCert, SimplySign, and mSzafir. With this cooperation, Autenti customers now have access to 17 new qualified signature providers: Audkenni, Belgian ID card, certSIGN USB token, CertEurope USB token, Croatian ID Card, D-Trust sign-me, Estonian ID card, Estonian Mobile-ID, Evrotrust, Finnish ID card, Latvian eParaksts Mobile, Latvian ID card, Lithuanian ID card, Lithuanian Mobile-ID, Smart-ID, Uanataca, and ZealID app.

Importantly, users can now also sign a document with a card signature, in addition to the previously available cloud signature.

"Our users will have access to a bunch of a total of 20 qualified signatures (currently from 3 providers), including those on cryptographic cards", says Kinga Biernacka, Product Manager at Autenti responsible for the technical aspects of integration. "This is just the beginning of the changes we have planned, with more integrations with qualified signature providers yet to come".

How will the integration look from the platform user's perspective? "After sending a document through Autenti, it is immediately delivered to the recipient for signing. For instance, if the recipient chooses to sign the document with a qualified signature from ZealiD, they are guided through the signature process of that specific provider. The entire procedure is safe, fast, and efficient for the customer, as it takes place within a one-stop-shop process. This integration introduces greater flexibility and tailors the signing process to the diverse needs of users" - summarizes Kinga Biernacka. Autenti will make this feature available to all platform users by the end of October.

The new solution is summed up by Piotr Osiadacz, Business Unit Manager QES Marketplace: “Autenti consistently pursues the strategy of offering all customers in Europe easy access to document signatures and unified experiences enabling business digitization. By linking in one place the elements of issuing a qualified certificate, the document circulation platform, and security for the entire signing process, we provide our clients with a tool that, from the outset, allows the use of most qualified signatures available in Europe. Further development plans, of course, involve expanding capabilities, including adding more providers.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Autenti, a renowned leader in the field of electronic document signing. This partnership underscores eID Easy's commitment to broadening access to top-tier qualified electronic signature solutions across Europe and beyond. Together, we aim to increase the number of Qualified signature providers in Autenti, providing businesses and individuals a more secure way to sign their important documents" - says Margus Pala, CEO of eID Easy.

About eID Easy:
eID Easy is a leading gateway of trusted digital signatures. Providing a comprehensive list of legally binding Qualified Electronic Signature methods, such as national eID cards, signature smart cards, USB crypto tokens and others, as well as the traditional simple and advanced signatures.

About Autenti:
Autenti is an all-in-one platform that enables organizations to accelerate their business. Thanks to the platform, they can send documents and sign them with one click on any device with internet access, 24/7, at work, at home or on the go, from anywhere in the world. In a quick, secure, and legal way. Autenti's mission is to educate the world about digital business transformation by providing trust services such as electronic signatures, e-identification services, e-delivery, and digitisation of business processes.